Inglewood mayor James Butts (second to left) and LA84 president and CEO Renata Simril cut the ribbon to unveil the newly renovated weightroom at Caroline Coleman Field (Amanda Scurlock/ L.A. Sentinel)


The Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) unveiled the newly renovated weight room at the Caroline Coleman Field. The renovation is a component of the “Champions Educate Here” Legacy Program from the College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship.

“This is another step in the evolution of the city. We brought back financial stability, job prosperity and our partners have been investing in our youth,” said Inglewood mayor James Butts. “This beautiful weight room makes a big statement about what our children mean to us here at Inglewood.”

The weight room is equipped with state-of-the art equipment, including power racks, medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbell racks with weights varying from five pounds to 100 pounds.

“It shows that we’re together as a community and they’re able to give opportunities to other students and people who need opportunities like this,” said City Honors International Preparatory School student Zoie Dupree.

Students from Inglewood, Moriningside and City Honors International Preparatory High Schools were in attendance to try out the new equipment.

IUSD student runs on treadmill in the new weightroom (Amanda Scurlock/ L.A. Sentinel)

“It’s fantastic to be able to see who it’s going to impact, who it’s impacting currently and the idea that it’s going to be here for the long haul,” said LA84 vice president and chief of staff Sandra Martinez. “We really have a good partnership with the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Commission … it’s nice that there’s a commitment to leaving some kind of legacy.”

The LA84 Foundation and the Play Equity Fund also contributed to the renovations. With the help of the Alliance—a collaboration between 12 L.A. pro teams—The Play Equity Fund and the 84 Foundation have also provided youth throughout the IUSD with leadership programs.

“If we come together, something can actually happen in our community,” said IUSD student Casandra Castillo.

On one of the walls in the weight room is a mural created by Inglewood alum and artist Selena Najar. The mural is called “Champions at Play” which features youth playing various sports along with notable Inglewood landmarks, including the Kia Forum and SoFi Stadium.

The new weightroom is equipped with dumbells of various weights (Amanda Scurlock/ L.A. Sentinel)

“This whole event in general, the painting and everything was honestly amazing,” said IUSD student Keirah Susarrey.

Najar recently graduated from Cal State University Dominguez Hills with a degree in Studio Art.

“I always wanted my art here in my community because I love my community and it’s gonna be here forever,” Najar said. “That’s really close to my heart.”

The hope was to create a space that will not only build physical resilience and general fitness, but a place of mental fortitude and team camaraderie. IUSD county administrator Dr. James Morris noted how the facility is worthy of the children of Inglewood.

“It’s an amazing partnership because our school district couldn’t do it if we didn’t have folks like LA84 and the Play Equity Fund,” Morris said. “All these groups coming together to say “what are the students in this community need in order to thrive?”

he mural “Champions at Play” show several iconic landmarks in Inglewood (Amanda Scurlock/ L.A. Sentinel)

City Honors senior Damar Breland is elated that the district is developing for students of the future.

“I believe it’s a great thing for the kids and especially everybody to have this together,” Breland said. “We have the field that just got built, we have the weight room that just got built, it’s very inspiring.”