Sebastian Joseph-Day (Courtesy Photo)

Los Angeles Rams Defensive Lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day hosted an Instagram Quarantine donation party to raise money and support local medical workers. His campaign raised nearly 5,000, and he was able to feed some hospitals. Other players from the Rams, such as Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, also helped raise awareness of the campaign. Great to see athletes leverage their platforms for a cause to help others. 

 Joseph Day was more than thankful for all the support he received. He said, “None of this wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Since we all worked together, we are able to feed another hospital. This is awesome and we hope Centinela hospital enjoys the food. Again, thank you all for the hard work.” They are also giving the employees at Inglewood hospital food. Great to see athletes coming together  

 Joseph-Day and Chef Steve Samson partnered up with Superfine Pizza to provide medical workers with pizzas for their efforts to save lives. Joseph-Day cited, “I am super excited to announce that Chef Steve and I are collaborating again, we are now feeding Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles.” The efforts Healthcare staff members are risking their own lives to help others and are becoming our heroes.  

 Joseph-Day also said he and Samson want to thank Centinela Hospital for all the hard work they’ve been putting forth to keeping us safe from COVID 19. Rossoblu’s Restaurant Relief is providing meals for Cedar Sinai’s frontline staff, and Joseph-Day donated 10,000 to contribute to their cause. The fund started in  March of 2020 in response to the pandemic. They are responding to the food needs of the community through the donations of financial donors.  

 “There’s so many health care workers and medical specialists that are putting their lives on the line to help contain this pandemic. I wanted to try and provide at least some relief to those that are risking their lives to help fight the coronavirus,” said Joseph-Day. 

 Ever since the Rams drafted the defensive lineman in 2018, he’s been consistently involved in supporting community initiatives, whether it is speaking to the kids at school, donating bookbags, or helping nurses; Joseph-Day is always moving to help others. The Rams have a true leader in Joseph-Day, and his dedication to the community could not be more needed than right now. In a time where we leaders are called to step up in challenging times. Continue to follow and support him as he strives for greatness on and off the football field.