Los Angeles County disclosed updates surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday, October 14. The severity of assistance within compacted communities has grew, public officials outline their plans to respond to that need. Los Angeles Public Health Department provided the county with the latest measurements L.A.  currently sees in community transmission and mortality rate.

Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Chair, Fifth District (screen shot)

Last month, Los Angeles County rolled out a Safety Compliance Certification Program. The County stated, “Business owners can take this training to receive a COVID-19 Safety Compliance Certificate to be placed at all public entrances to their facility. This certificate acknowledges that their facility is following all the required Public Health COVID-19 Protocols. Employees can also watch this training to learn more about the Protocols and the steps their employers must take to offer required workplace protections.”

Los Angeles Development Authority has been responding to the severe levels of assistance needed among small businesses, they opened applications for small businesses to apply and receive COVID-19 financial assistance through the Small Business Revitalization Fund. Chairwoman Kathryn Barger shared that the board of supervisors carried out a motion to use CARES Act funding to create a small business revitalization grant program. The award can be up to 30,000 dollars that will pay for working expenses necessary for small businesses to continue operating.

Recent statistics shown on Wednesday reflect 22 additional deaths, five of these individuals were over the age of 80, four of them had underlining health conditions. Seven people who died were between the ages of 65-79, six victims had preexisting health concerns. Five individuals were between the ages of 50-64, and four of them had underlining health problems.  One person who passed were between the ages of 30-49, they had no previous medical issues.  One person passed away and were between the ages of 18-29, they also had no underlining health issues. This brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in L.A. County to 6,812.

The relationship between COVID-19 infection and ethnicity were provided. The racial background collected 6,413 fatal cases showed 10% were African American, 14% were Asian, slightly less than 1% were Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 51% were LatinX, 23% were White, and 1% identified as a different race or ethnicity. 92% of those who died due to COVID-19 had preexisting health concerns.

There were 1,349 new COVID-19 reports. In summary, there is a total amount of 285,016 coronavirus cases in the Los Angeles region. 12,471 incidents were reported in the city of Long Beach and 2,605 cases in the city of Pasadena. Amid the unsheltered, there were 1,889 positive cases.

The self-certified training program starts with watching a video, then one would complete a brief survey after the training visual, lastly the business would receive an emailed certificate. This is operated by the Los Angeles County Health Department. The program is completely voluntary, but it is put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus among guest and staff.

Chairwoman Kathryn Barger stated, “This is a no cost online training which teaches businesses to implement COVID-19 safety protocols. Once completed, business owners receive the certificate and window seal to display in their store front.” This is to create reassurance for staff and customers that the matters of health are being taken seriously at that given establishment.