Los Angeles First Responders Secure Supply of N95 Masks. Twenty-Four Million Masks Will be Available


The Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti at the Emergency Operation Center delivering COVID-19 Briefing April 28, 2020 (Screenshot)

Tuesday April 28. The Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti reported the latest updates surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. The elected official shared yesterday, the L.A. economy in its entirety will not open on May 15. The ideal vision for recovery is to open L.A. in sanctions and manage the spurts of COVID-19 outbreaks, as they begin to allow small to medium gatherings. A partnership with Honeywell will supply first responders and emergency sanctions with over 24-million masks, Eric Garcetti described this as a “lifesaving deal.”

The Mayor is crafting the best practices to ensure the most efficient outcome, with the guidance of the California State Governor. Human lives are at stake, no amount of money or stability can restore a lost life. Eric Garcetti eluded to creating a task force to prioritize the needs for underserved communities. This level of focus is very valuable within the African American community, where there is a higher COVID-19 related death rate than any other ethnicity.

The Los Angeles City Mayor shared the latest update behind the COVID-19 outbreak in L.A. The elected Official shared as of April 28. there were 59 additional deaths. That accounts for a 6% increase since the report on April 27. This brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 1,000. The average death rate in a week has been 49 fatal cases per day. There were 597 new cases reported, bringing the total of positive COVID-19 reports to 20,976. There is a daily average of 854 new cases. Within the city of L.A. the new report reflects 9,697 COVID-19 cases. In America there are over one million diagnosed positive cases.

N95 Masks on conveyor belt; symbolizing the Honeywell partnership of twenty million masks being manufactured (Screenshot)

Eric Garcetti provided snap shots of the action plan restoring the Los Angeles economy. The California State Governor Gavin Newsom reported that California businesses could reopen within the upcoming weeks. With that in mind, Mayor Garcetti shared the disciplines necessary for the city of L.A. to be in alignment with the state’s ruling. Businesses that will resume operation is based off the level of risk each brick-and-mortar has in spreading the virus. Out of the four stages enlisted by the California state governor, reopening low-risk businesses will be part of the “second stage.”

Testing and elderly meal prep remains to be a significant factor for the Los Angeles City Mayor. Eric Garcetti went through the process of the mobile drive thru testing sites. The testing protocol includes, coughing, swabbing the inside of the cheek and roof of the mouth, finally it goes into a vile and will be sent out for results. Mayor Garcetti showed much concern about the need to support all the elderly and their accessibility to food. Mentioned in the prior briefing on April 27. Mayor Garcetti shared a partnership between L.A. and Serving Our Community, that feeds the city’s elderly. Serving Our Community is an institution launched by Hospitality and Training. This initiative converts industrial sized kitchens and laid-off hospitality employees into fully staffed facilities that deliver food and provide cleaning services.

Eric Garcetti addressed price gauging that is happening within Los Angeles. Price gauging is the act of taking essential equipment in high demand and setting the price point way beyond the original cost of goods due to the insufficient supply. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a deal with Honeywell that will produce a quantity of 24 million masks, they will be manufactured in the U.S. Masks will go to first responders. The first delivery of 100,000 will be available in May, by July there will be a supply of 500,000 masks available. Later down the line towards November, there will be the accessibility to two million N95 masks every month.  Eric Garcetti stated, “We need to protect those, who are protecting us.”