Juhahn Jones and Sentinel correspondent Jordan Tucker getting “juicy” on the red carpet at The Juice Movie trailer screening and celebration. (Tiffany Wesley)

Actor and comedian Juhahn Jones hosted an 80’s themed screening and celebration in the heart of Hollywood at Boulevard 3 for his movie The Juice Movie Wednesday, July 11th. The celebration which included music by Takeflight and DJ Damage was to share the trailer with friends, family, fans, and investors.

The Juice Movie film takes place in the early 80s in South Central L.A. at a time when the common hairstyle was still the afro. Larry played by Juhahn Jones is a clumsy, but good spirited member of the Fro Gang, who is led by Afro Malone (Alex Thomas) has controlled the afro market for over 20 years. After Larry had a failed protest rally and a freak accident, he finds himself banned from Fro Gang. Larry goes on to create a hair product called “The Juice,” and it has an immediate impact on the community. Larry, now going by the name “Juicy Larry” is taking over the streets of LA and before long turning his former leader Afro Malone info his outmoded enemy. Due to greed and jealousy, Juicy and his gang are forced to make a life-changing decision.

The celebration was star-studded. Alex Thomas, who played Afro Malone in the movie, had his own milestone to celebrate as he’s celebrating his 25-year anniversary. “I think we made some magic in this movie”, when speaking about his experience working on ‘The Juice Movie.’ Thomas explained his character Afro Malone to be the main antagonist in the movie, describing him as “The Ultimate Hater.” While explaining the formula to his longevity he stated, “The key to longevity is staying in the game and never giving up.”

Throughout Thomas’ 25-year career has worked with notables like Will Smith, Eddie Murphy Jamie Foxx, and Martin Lawrence. “You just gotta be around “It”, and be around those type of people ‘cause you suck their energy, and it’s like motivation for you.” Thomas has a brand new animated series named Motown, premiering on Netflix in August. Motown is Netflix’s first animated urban series and is being produced by Smokey Robinson.

Tanjareen Thomas, Carrie Bernans, and Kel Mitchell were just a few names that made their appearance on the red carpet that night. Brandon Broady; a comedian explained the event as “History in the making,” and expressed how proud he was of Juhahn Jones. Broady is currently a co-host on the Nickelodeon television series Crashletes along with professional football player Rob Gronkowski, and actress Stevie Nelson.

1. Country singer Willie Jones and his Girlfriend; Alexis Miranda on the red carpet at the screening and celebration of The Juice Movie trailer. (Tiffany Wesley)

“It’s beautiful, it’s always a beautiful thing when you can create something from scratch and then take it to the next level.” Juhahn stated while describing his experience working on The Juice Movie thus far. Juhahn over years has been able to establish a substantial social media following, accumulating over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The Juice Movie is essentially a culmination of all his work over the years.

The Juice Movie is currently raising money on Indiegogo in efforts to convert the current concept trailer of the movie into a full length feature film.