Wa-kinda Comedy Show Promotion (Courtesy Photo)

Charla Lauriston of Grand Crew and People of Earth, alongside actress Janelle James of Abbott Elementary, will host an evening of comedy on Friday, November 17, at The Elysian Theater in Los Angeles.

Black Herstory with a twist, “Wa-kinda: Comedy from the African Diaspora,” is a stand-up show produced by Symone Baptiste.

Baptiste is a director, writer, producer, and comedy booker in L.A. Starting in the entertainment industry as a behind-the-scenes director and producer for NBC’s primetime shows, Baptiste spent a lot of time interviewing, writing copy, and directing talent for major networks before embarking on her own journey as a comedic and commercial director.

Charla Lauriston (Courtesy Photo)

She has worked and directed influential talents like Tina Fey, Marlon Wayans, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Heidi Klum, and Kenan Thompson.

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Shaped by her African American and Antiguan roots, Baptiste’s using her own personal experiences and those of others to influence her work through such a diverse lens. Her distinct and energetic directing styles have received much praise across the country in Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and now coming soon to Los Angeles with the help of Lauriston and James.

Janelle James (Courtesy Photo)

Wa-kinda will explore the “silly” side of Wakanda with relatable satire, featuring comedians: Yassir Lester, Brandi Denise, Will Miles, Jil Chrissie, Biniam Bizuneh, and Madison Shepard.  With their own unique stories to tell, this show is guaranteed to make the audience laugh, cry, and cry while laughing.

Tickets are on sale now at https://www.elysiantheater.com/shows/wakinda.

Symone Baptiste (Courtesy Photo)

The Elysian Theatre is an independent theatre and non-profit based in the Elysian Valley. Their mission is to support innovative artists devising original and unconventional live comedy, by cultivating a diverse and collaborative community that values experimentation as a means of pushing the boundaries of modern comedy.

By nurturing the performing comedy community in this way, artists can generate works that inspire, challenge, delight and contribute to the world of comedy at large.

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