Johnny Gill doesn’t plan on slowing his career down anytime soon. The platinum selling vocalist will deliver his eighth album entitled, “Game Changer II” from his own J Skillz record company. The album will serve as the sequel to his last 2014 album, “Game Changer.”

“Soul of A Woman,” the latest single from “Game Changer II,” is an R&B record that focuses on women overcoming struggles. That’s the main reason he features comedian Tiffany Haddish in the music video. He believes she is an example of a woman breaking boundaries.

The “My My My” singer spoke to the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper about his upcoming album and the reasons behind his entrepreneurship.

LOS ANGELES SENTINEL: Many singers tend to stick with a main record label. What inspired you to create your own?

JOHNNY GILL: When you’ve been out for a while, they consider you old school. That title isn’t celebrated sometimes within the industry. You can be penalized for it. I didn’t record for years because of it. I realized early on that in order for me to do what I love, sometimes you got to go and get it yourself. It was a learning lesson, but it took me out of my comfort zone.

LAS: During that time of not making music, what inspired you to make another album?

GILL: I started performing live and saw people’s reaction. They were still showing up! I didn’t have any new music or a record at that time. It took me a while to understand people still enjoyed my music.

LAS: Your latest single “Soul of A Woman,” speaks on a woman’s endurance. Would you agree?

GILL: Absolutely. When you listen to the song it makes you feel good. But more importantly it’s about the strength of women. We ride on the shoulders of so many strong women who have paved the way for us. With the Me Too movement happening, we all need to be reminded to treat women with respect.

LAS: Speaking of the Me Too movement, have you personally seen a change within the music industry?

GILL: I wasn’t conscious or aware when I first started because I was just a kid. As I got older, I began to hear the concerns of women. They spoke about equal pay and being treated with respect. There’s still work to do, but it looks like it’s moving in a positive direction.

LAS: You featured Tiffany Haddish in the music video. What was your experience working with her?

GILL: I’ve known her for years. Tiffany was part of the foster care system and the odds were stacked against her as a Black woman. She embodies the soul of a woman because she overcame those struggles.

LAS: I read that your working on an upcoming movie with Samuel L. Jackson called “Spinning Gold.” Timothy Scott Bogart is producing the movie. Did you know Jackson prior?

GILL: I’ve known him for about eight years. We have a great time golfing. He was the one who invited me to do this movie. We even went golfing today. We joke on the field and just talk mostly smack.

LAS: I bet golfing with Jackson is an experience.

GILL: Yes it is! He knows how to curse you out like no other.

“Soul of a Woman” became a #1 hit on the Adults R&B Billboards chart.