Ringmaster Cheyenne-Rose Dailey (Denver Mackey/L.A. Sentinel)

For 29 years, UniverSoul Circus has been delighting audiences across the world with their interactive spectacle of global acts. The show offers a refreshing cultural combination of performances, driven with an urban flair of music, dance, and laughter, all infused with Soul’s spirit, style, and swagger.

On Friday April 21st, UniverSoul circus hosted their Caribbean night, a celebration of culture, music, and pure family fun. Featuring Cossack horse acts, trapeze art, traditional Caribbean dance from group Caribbean Fusion, Caribbean stilt walkers, fire limbo dancers, and motocross cyclists from 406FMX, people of all ages enjoyed a thrilling series of acts throughout the night.

Ringmaster Cheyenne-Rose Dailey took the lead in celebrating her Caribbean culture and discussed her journey being a part of UniverSoul circus, “I have been a part of UniverSoul Circus for seven years, since 2016 but I started off as a fire limbo dancer and in 2018 they offered me the position of ringmaster when we went to Scotland for one month, and they loved it, so now I serve as ringmaster and fire limbo dancer.”

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Dailey explains what it takes to train for this kind of event, “it takes a lot of drive and self-motivation, we have a big cast and performers that perform with us, but you really have to push yourself at the end of the day. It is up to you to be out there. When there’s lights, music, cameras, and the energy from the crowd, it gives you that extra push that you need, that is all it takes!”

Caribbean stilt walkers during show (Denver Mackey/L.A. Sentinel)

Dailey also reflected on the significance of being a part of UniverSoul has given her, “it has been a really big opportunity because what we do is showcase our talent, and when I say ‘we’ I mean all the other Caribbeans, we get the opportunity show our traditions and our culture in the United States, something that is not familiar to people here, at the end of the day they love it just as much as we do. That is the best being able to showcase our culture and our lifestyles in just a few minutes, and as a ringmaster I can be a role model for so many beautiful young ladies and motivation for someone else is the best feeling ever.”

Dailey has also been to Scotland internationally, has also traveled to South Africa, and nationally to cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Texas, Atlanta, North Carolina with the circus.

This weekend, UniverSoul Circus brought together an all-star lineup of celebrities at their recent weekend show, making it a star-studded event that cannot be missed! With special guest ring masters Anthony Anderson and Pedro Rivera, along with a special performance during intermission by Pedro Rivera, UniverSoul Circus was a spectacle of entertainment and excitement.

Fresh the Clowns captivated the audience. (Denver Mackey/L.A. Sentinel)

Not only does UniverSoul Circus provide shows for family fun, but they also have UniverSoul Cares, which is their way to give back to the community they serve through three different entities. They have their Family Open House, where they host a free show to homeless families throughout the United States to provide an escape and the enjoy the show.

They have also teamed up with DKMS which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer, and with this collaboration, they are helping to bring awareness to help register potential donors, especially because those with the cancer have the best chance at finding a lifesaving donor through someone of similar ancestry. UniverSoul also has their Food for the Soul program which helps stock local food banks that support homeless and low-income families.

Universoul is a must see and will be at the Crystal Casino in Compton Thursdays – Sunday through May 14th. Check out UniverSoul Circus on Instagram and go to their website to catch more action and information! @universoulcircus and universoul.com.

The UniverSoul cast includes a range of performers. (Denver Mackey/L.A. Sentinel)