Malik Yoba is Giving Back Through Real Estate, Education, and Media!

“It was a moment while shooting, I wanted to bring three of my passions together, real estate, filmmaking, and young people,” said Yoba. “I shared that idea with a woman who is now my Chief of Staff. Two days later she gave me a deck which said, ‘I rebuild New York,’ and she had articulated my vision.”

Comedian Chris Spencer is ‘Back on the Strip!’

“That’s one thing that I think definitely was a detriment to my standup career, is I wasn’t on the road like my peers,” said Spencer. “Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Jamie Fox — these were the guys in my class, and they were hitting the road hard, and now they’re all very wealthy comedians.”

Eriq La Salle Named Leimert Park Book Fair Ambassador 

He was a student at Julliard, and then graduated from New York University with a graduate degree in Theatre. La Salle says that strong foundation in his craft gave him the confidence, to further his career in acting. However, his beginnings in acting did not come without its challenges. 

Jay Hunter: Surviving Hollywood!

Actor Jay Hunter  best known for his roles in “And Just Like That,” “The Rookie,” “Tyler Perry’s If Loving You is Wrong,” and “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony”  is comfortable revealing his highs and lows in Hollywood. In fact, he says he is more than willing to talk about it with anyone who might find inspiration in it.

Jermaine Alexander Joins Robey Theatre Company Salute to Paul Robeson

Reflecting deeply on his experience and appreciation for The Robey Theatre Company, professional videographer, director, film editor, and American actor Jermaine Alexander tells us a little about himself, and why he believes that we all should be interested in attending or supporting a milestone event that will take place this coming Sunday, April 9th, in honor of the late Paul Robeson.