Avant family devastated by the tragic death of one of the world’s most kind & loving people 

Jackie and Clarence Avant (Photo L.A. Sentinel Archive)


L.A. Sentinel News Service

Words cannot express the pain and devastation the Bakewell family and our community of well-wishers and fans feel this morning over the senseless murder of our beloved friend and family member, Mrs. Jackie Avant.  Her brutal murder is not only a loss to her entire family but is a terrible loss to everyone who met her.  Her warm and kind personality was evident to everyone who came into contact with her, and her loving smile was a blessing to us all. 

Clarence Avant, a legendary music executive, who was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and who served for years as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade, and Jacqueline Avant, his wife of 54, were the victims of what appears to be a home invasion robbery at their Trousdale Estates home in Beverly Hills, CA, where Mrs. Avant, age 81, was shot and killed late Tuesday night.

Clarence Avant, while safe, is currently grieving but resting with his family.  Our prayers go out to Clarence, Nicole, and Alex as they try and navigate through what must be the most difficult time in their lives.  Jackie Avant was a community advocate in her own right and served as the president of the Neighbors of Watts, a support group that focused on childcare. She was also on the Board of Directors of UCLA’s International Student Center.

According to online sources, police were notified around 2:30 a.m.  Investigations are ongoing.

“I cannot express how overwhelmingly pained I am at the loss of such a beautiful person as Jackie Avant.  For her to be killed in such a senseless way is unfathomable.  There are no two more kind and generous people than Clarence and Jackie, and for their home and their lives to be violated in such a violent manner is unconscionable.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them and their children as we all work to get through this most difficult time.” – Danny J. Bakewell, Sr.  – Chairman of Bakewell Media and a lifelong friend to the Avant Family.