Chef Lovely talks about her inspirations, food and more.

Professional chef and TV host of “Lovely Bites” and owner and executive chef of Lovely Eats, Chef Lovely. (Courtesy Photo)

Who’s beautiful, charming and knows her way around a kitchen? If you guessed Chef Lovely, then you’d be correct. She is a professional chef and TV host of “Lovely Bites” on Discovery Plus, Prime Video and Own and owner and executive chef of Lovely Eats.

The accomplished chef warms up social media with her tasty dishes and flirty kisses but “just for her loves,” as she would say. The Sentinel caught up with the culinary delight to find out a little more about her, cheffing and more.

“I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a chef,” said Chef Lovely. “I always enjoyed the process of cooking.” As with most cooking greats, Chef Lovely was inspired by home and family.

“I saw my mother turn humble ingredients into a masterpiece every night. She’s the GOAT and my first inspiration.

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“I would go to my auntie Delores’ house whenever she was making her famous rib tips so I could learn her recipe and have dinner with all my cousins. My great Aunt Vera made the best lemon meringue pie you will ever taste. She used lemons from her lemon tree that grew in her backyard and made the crust from scratch even though she had arthritis in her hands.

“The common thread between these women is love. They cooked with love as a way to show love to their family. My fondest memories include spending time in the kitchen and around the dinner table with family.”

If you’ve peeped her on social media, Chef Lovely is always preparing some of the most mouth-watering dinners, snacks and hacks you can find anywhere. She shared some of her favorite dishes she likes to prepare in the kitchen.

“I’ve worked on my Shrimp & Grits recipe for years and it’s a favorite amongst my clients,” said Chef Lovely. “I also enjoy preparing anything braised—low and slow, bubbling away in a bath of flavorful aromatics, falling off the bone, a warm bowl of love. My red wine and date braised short ribs is my ultimate comfort food.”

: “My main goal on social media is to educate and inspire my loves to be adventurous, cook at home more and to share meals with loved ones.” —Chef Lovely (Courtesy Photo)

She continued, “For my sweet tooth, my mama’s carrot cake is out of the park every time. The cake is moist with hints of vanilla and warmly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. The raisins and toasted walnuts give great texture and the cream cheese buttercream is balanced with a bright kiss of fresh lemon juice and zest.”

When asked how she approaches her content on social media, Chef Lovely shared that it’s all about inspiring others.

“My main goal on social media is to educate and inspire my loves to be adventurous and try new things, cook at home more and more, and to share as many meals as they can with loved ones,” said Chef Lovely. “One of the best ways to soothe your soul is to enjoy good food with good people.”

Success often comes with struggle, which Chef Lovely knows about personally. The Sentinel asked if she had encountered any hardships or difficulties being a Black female chef and how she overcame those obstacles.

“One of the best ways to not let these situations distract you is to be prepared and professional,” said Chef Lovely. “As my mama would say, ‘Come correct.’  Have your ducks in a row, always carry yourself with grace, and keep God first.”

Chef Geoff Felsenthal was one of her culinary instructors and served as a source of inspiration for her while receiving her third degree in Culinary Arts.

“He said, ‘There are 12 restaurants directly surrounding our school and hundreds more here in downtown Chicago. The competition for business and growth is cutthroat. What are you going to bring into the culinary world to set yourself apart from all of the competition? Be brave, be bold, be excellent.’

“His words have never left my mind. I’m always trying to push myself to stand out and offer more than just food. I curate bespoke dining experiences that I hope my clients/customers will never forget.”

She did set herself apart and has made multiple appearances on TV shows over the past 10 years on networks like ABC, NBC, Food Network, FOX, and more.

She landed “Lovely Bites,” which was the first original cooking television program to be aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network in 2020.

“We were slated to film seven episodes and after the first two episodes were filmed, another six were added,” said Chef Lovely. “I finally was given my big break with being the host of my own TV show.

“I am forever grateful that Ms. Winfrey chose me to create HERstory with her network.”

The culinary world is huge and filled with aspiring cooks and chefs. Chef Lovely shared some advice to future chefs and what it will take to make it in this industry.

“If you don’t wake up and go to sleep thinking about food, this isn’t the industry for you,” said Chef Lovely. “You got to love this because it’s not easy—it requires hard work, focus, and sacrifice.

“Your busiest time of the year will be the holidays. Your feet and back will hurt and you will inherit the responsibility of keeping others healthy and safe every time you step into the kitchen.

“More than a job, it should be your passion.”

Chef Lovely is currently working on a pop-up restaurant concept that will kick off in Los Angeles.

“I can’t wait to meet and feed everyone in person,” said Chef Lovely. “I’m also expanding my company Lovely Eats and taking new clients.”

For more info on Chef Lovely, follow her on Instagram and TikTok @cheflovely or visit

“Love you, my loves!”