Ro Brooks (courtesy photo)

The last time we saw heartthrob Ro Brooks, we were enthralled in a passionate game of tongue play with Melissa Turner, another co-star in OWN’s tumultuously successful, “The Haves and the Have Nots.” His stardom as a leading man in front of the camera has afforded him a lot of attention from both fans and the camera professionals that he attributes to making him look so good. In tribute to those cameramen and women, Ro Brooks has produced a 2018, 12-month digital calendar. Each month, profiles a Black veteran photographer and their contributions. “When you’ve been to so many event, premieres, red carpets your start to see the same faces over and over,” says Ro. “These are the guys that are always there and that have been there going largely unrecognized until now. These guys are out there in the sun for hours, sometimes not getting to even come inside to see the show and they do all of that to make us [performers] look our best. They deserve better than that.”

Each calendar month will highlight one of the 12 photographers in a different and unique themed setting and will be released monthly.
Ro Brooks hoped that the portrait calendar, by drawing attention to a serious image influencer, might encourage publications and events to show some respect. The range of portrait images included for the calendar are in stark contrast to those that make it into the glossy magazines, yet pay tribute to the legends.

The month of March includes Photographer Vinni Ratcliff, a Celebrity Photographer Born in Los Angeles, Ca. who has been a photographer for 40 +years.  Vinni’s camera has shot some of the worlds most known political figures from President Bill Clinton and President George Bush to President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Visit for your free digital copy of the 2018 Calendar.