Community members joined Heather Hutt a
s she announced her campaign for election to theL.A. City Council. (E. Mesiyah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)

Making clear her goal for the future, Councilmember Heather Hutt launched a vigorous campaign to remain the representative for Council District 10.  During a kick-off rally in front of L.A. Sentinel on March 3, Hutt stood before scores of community members and supporters to announce that she’s entering the race in the 2024 election.

While others are also seeking the spot, Hutt holds a clear advantage as the current officeholder, who was unanimously appointed by the Los Angeles City Council in August 2022.  Since that time, she has been actively involved throughout diverse district, interacting and resolving concerns of the African American, Latino, Asian and White constituents.

Hutt’s tenacity has paid off as community members united to express their backing for the councilmember desire to represent the 10th district. In fact, many adamantly expressed support for Hutt’s campaign.

Giving opening remarks, Sentinel Executive Editor Danny J. Bakewell, Jr., declared, “This is a historic moment! As we come to the end of Black History Month and the start of Women’s History Month, we are here to launch the campaign of Councilmember Heather Hutt for election to the 10th district.

“Putting that in perspective, Heather Hutt is the first woman to serve as councilmember of the 10th district and the only African American woman who currently sits on the City Council.  Her voice, representation and leadership are desperately needed.  We look forward to her finishing out this term and being elected for another term,” he added.

Donna Jones of the West Adams Neighborhood Association stated with conviction, “I’m here to support the candidacy of Heather Hutt, who I believe is dedicated to our survival and success. She has the strength and dedication that the historic 10th needs to keep moving in the right direction.”

Citing Hutt’s lifelong residency in the 10th district, Empowerment Congress West Area Chair Gina Fields referred to the Councilwoman as “a homegirl” who was raised and still lives in CD 10.

“She knows our trials and tribulations, our joys and successes and she shares the same passion for positive change that lives in all of our hearts. That’s why I’m excited about her candidacy. I’m honored to support her and down for whatever she wants me to do.”

Offering similar emphatic comments, Brenda Ashby of the Crenshaw Manor Neighborhood Association said, “Councilmember Hutt is made for this district. She hit the ground running last year and hasn’t missed a beat since then. We want her to continue doing the exceptional job of representing the citizens of CD 10. I am proud to support her election to the City Council.  We need more strong leaders like her!”

Raul A. Claros, chief strategist with the Reimagine LA Foundation and a CD 10 native, reminded the crowd of Hutt’s skill in unifying and working with the district multicultural neighborhoods.

“We recently helped another Black woman get into office and that was Karen Bass. We did that together, building coalitions  – Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian – coming together, gay, straight, Christians, and Muslims.  That’s the same type of leadership that Heather Hutt has brought to the 10th since day one. She’s had individual, private meetings to check in on our organizations to see how we’re doing, making sure that all of our communities have a voice,” insisted Claros, who brought his young daughter, Valentina, to the rally.

Longtime friend Isadore Hall spoke of Hutt’s attention to details and resolving concerns while working for him in Sacramento. “She ran my Assembly office, she ran my Senate office and she did it with great care. She ran then-Senator Kamala Harris’ office with great care and she’s running CD 10 with great care. Heather Hutt deserves our support,” he emphasized.

Further attesting to Hutt’s many talents, Cynthia Mitchell Heard described Hutt as an “extraordinary leader” in being the first woman to serve as CD 10 Councilmember.

“Her tenacious and steadfast approach to build economic stability and resources will only enhance the lives of those living in her district. There is no one better to take the lead and build a better tomorrow,” said Heard, a philanthropist, community partner, who been friends with Hutt for more than 40 years.

Ninth District Councilmember Curren Price noted, “Heather has displayed the commitment to serve.  She talks to our colleagues and she’s not afraid to talk to constituents, even those who complain. She’s got the experience, and again, the commitment, to really make a difference. From day one, Heather’s demonstrated the skills and ability to get the job done.”

In response, Hutt vowed to meet the expectations of the community.  During extensive remarks, she highlighted her achievements while in office and her focus if she wins a new term.

“Working for our community is forever ingrained in my heart, and it’s a part of my moral fiber, it’s who I am as a woman. I’ve been doing this work my entire life and I’m committed to make a stronger and better CD 10,” Hutt said.

“In my short time as Councilwoman, I’ve actually housed over 200 people – 121 people in permanent supportive housing and 87 people in temporary housing and this fight has just begun.  Again, I’m committed to make a stronger and better CD 10!”

Hutt shared that more than 2,700 trees have been trimmed in the district since she assumed leadership, compared to only 350 trees trimmed last fiscal year.  Other successes include enhanced traffic calming measures or speed humps in residential neighborhoods and securing $9 million in U.S. Transportation funding in improvement a strip of La Brea Boulevard.

“I take this responsibility seriously because this is where I live, this is the district that my mother raised me, and I in turn raised my children. I am proud to be a resident of CD 10 and proud of the work that I’ve done in the past six months in CD10. But my work is not done,” said Hutt as she listed the needs of the unhoused, senior citizens, veterans, LGBTQ+ individuals and people impacted by domestic violence, poverty, low wages and hate crimes.

“So when you ask me why am I running, it’s because I hear their call and I am here to answer and to make a stronger and better CD 10. I’m counting on and asking for your support to complete this work!”