Heather Hutt (File photo)

Heather Hutt was appointed today to represent Los Angeles’ 10th Council District. She will be the first woman to represent the 10th District and the first woman to represent South Los Angeles in a decade. The appointment was made as a motion introduced by Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez and seconded by Councilmembers Gil Cedillo, Paul Koretz, Mitch O’Farrell, and Kevin de León.

“Leadership is stepping up during a challenging time. That is what Heather Hutt has done as Caretaker and what I know she will do as the Councilmember for the 10th District,” said Council President Martinez. “As Caretaker, Heather has continued to make the residents of the 10th District her priority, assuring them that they have someone they can turn to and rely on – that is what being a Councilmember is about and why I am honored to appoint her today.”

Hutt currently serves as the district’s non-voting Caretaker and Chief of Staff. Hutt has a long history with the district, her grandparents moved to Leimert Park in 1926. She raised her family and currently lives in Baldwin Vista area.

A long career of public service, Hutt previously served as the State Director for then-Senator Kamala Harris  – the first Black State Director in California’s history – and as District Director for former State Senator Isadore Hall.

“I’ve spent my whole life in public service, working on behalf of my neighbors and helping them with their needs,” said Hutt. “It’s important they have a voice in the horseshoe but it’s equally important that their day-to-day, way of life needs are met as well. Should the Council confirm my appointment, I will continue to be a voice the residents of the 10th District can depend on.”

According to the Los Angeles Sentinel, Hutt has been a longtime community advocate which has allowed her to develop strong relationships with civic leaders, business owners and other elected officials on the local, state and federal government levels. In these positions she has been successful in building coalitions and working closely with groups in support of civil rights, economic equity and social justice.

“Throughout her career, Heather Hutt has proven her commitment and dedication to public service,” said Councilmember de León who seconded the motion. “Heather possesses tremendous skills and talents that can deliver the strong leadership that Council District 10 needs and deserves. Her appointment would make her the fourth woman on the 15-member council, and only the third African American woman to serve. The constituents of CD10 would have a voting representative on this council.”

Hutt would fill the vacant seat left by Councilmember Mark Ridley-Thomas, who 10 months into his new term was suspended from office in October by the Council after a 20-count indictment was filed in Los Angeles federal court for federal bribery and conspiracy charges stemming from his time serving on the County Board of Supervisors. Ridley-Thomas has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.

The motion calls for Hutt to hold the office through the end of Ridley-Thomas’ term. The motion also states that “Mr. Ridley-Thomas would be eligible to resume his elected duties if he is acquitted or when the charges against him are dismissed.”

Martinez chose to appoint a voting member instead of calling for a special election due to the potential Charter-crisis that could ensue if residents were to elect another Councilmember to the seat and Ridley-Thomas is cleared of all charges before his term is completed.

Hutt’s appointment comes from a groundswell of support from 10th District organizations including the Empowerment Congress West Area (ECWA) Neighborhood Development Council, Brotherhood Crusade, Crenshaw Manor Community Association, as well as support from community members throughout Council District 10.