Marcus “Goodie” Goodloe (Courtesy photo)

Marcus “Goodie” Goodloe, whose daughter, Hannah is currently a senior and will graduate in the spring 2024, has joined the Westmont Board of Trustees, which oversees the operation of the college.

Goodloe travels the country mentoring students, educators, business professionals, athletes, entertainers, and faith communities about cultural and interpersonal relationships, leadership, character formation and faith.  He has written three books, including “King Maker: Applying Dr. Martin Luther King’s Leadership Lessons in Working with Athletes and Entertainers” (2015), “Habits: Six Steps to the Art of Influence (2017), and his most recent “The Next Level:  Growing with God…in His word, your walk and your worship” (2022).

He earned a Doctor of Philosophy with an emphasis on leadership and social movement theory from Dallas Baptist University.  Dr. Goodloe’s research examined the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his work with athletes and entertainers during the Civil Rights Movement.

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“The colleges overall commitment to academic excellence, while shaping and influencing leaders to meet and embrace not only the challenges, but the opportunities of our time with critical thinking, is most evident,” said Goodloe.

“Moreover, doing so while having at the core of its mission the heart and commitment to advance God’s kingdom, places Westmount on a unique path for impact and promise not only for the Santa Barbara community, but for the state of California, our nation and the world.”

Goodloe said he hopes to advance the mission of the college, help it meet strategic short- and long-term goals, and maximize the educational and faith-based learning experience for students.

“Additionally, I hope and desire to see Westmont continue to grow in its diversity among students, faculty and staff,” he said.  “This will be a critical time for the college to maintain its position as one of the leading Christian liberal arts colleges in the nation.”