Compton Art & History Museum Shines Light on Self Discovery

According to the values of the Compton Art & History Museum; reclaiming one’s identity is an act of social justice in its own right. Spearheaded by Abigail Lopez-Byrd and her husband Mark Byrd, the museum holds a new light that cultivates community growth and reflects the history found in surrounding neighborhoods. The museum looks to blend the multicultural experience of living in South L.A. by shaping the narrative found in art.

Mothers In Action’s ‘Read Across America’ Delights South L.A. Students

“A resounding success” is how Mothers In Action President Tracy Mitchell described the organization’s annual “Read Across America” event where MIA members and community leaders connect with students at South L.A. schools.  This year, the MIA volunteers read books and interacted with youngsters at Danny J. Bakewell Sr. Primary School and Marcus Garvey School.

R&B Singers Curate Perfect Lullaby Music to Help Little Ones Fall Asleep

Studies show that Black women are more likely to experience postpartum depression than any other race, and are least likely to receive adequate treatment due to the lack of access to mental health resources, financial obstacles, systematic racism, among other factors. When baby is, born mothers immediately transform into their maternal state, sometimes completely diminishing their personal needs for their child. Mothers of newborn babies’ loose hours of sleep each night ensuring their little ones are safe, and cared for.