Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer (Valerie Goodloe/L.A. Sentinel)

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer joins Bishop T.D. Jakes, Priscilla Shirer, Kirk Franklin and more to share messages of hope for Father’s Day

The important role of fathers takes center stage at “Daddy Changed the World: The Pain and Power of Fatherhood,” an online event sponsored by Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer and Faithful Central Bible Church.

The program will stream live on FCBC’s YouTube channel on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, at 3 p.m. Several notable guests are set to participate including Bishop T.D. Jakes, Kirk Franklin, Priscilla Shirer, Tyrese Gibson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Dr. Eric Mason and Hillsong United.

             Bishop T.D. Jakes (

According to Ulmer, the service was inspired by the words of George Floyd’s daughter, who made the comments after witnessing the international outrage sparked by the killing of Floyd by a White police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25.

“The gathering is an expression of the biblical truth of Proverbs 17:17 – ‘A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.’  The guests were chosen based on my personal friendships with them.  It was our mutual friendship and respect for each other that would be the context of my comments, complaints, anger and questions. I wanted it to be a conversation among friends about an issue that is seldom discussed among friends of different races,” said Ulmer.

             Priscilla Shirer (Courtesy photo)

Noting that the event occurs as the nation reexamines racial injustice and police brutality, he said that he hopes the program’s multi-ethnic guests, as well as the viewers, will appreciate the value of conversation and dialogue to change society in America.

“I wanted my White friends and the viewers to understand that Black people can not end racism.  It will require the involvement and commitment of White men and women – especially the White church – to stand with us in protesting injustice as they are willing to stand with us to sing songs and say prayers,” insisted Ulmer.

With the event occurring on Father’s Day, Ulmer said he wanted to remind people and especially fathers that everyone – regardless of the color of their skin – is needed in the battle against racism and the fight starts with voting.

        Kirk Franklin (E. Mesiyah McGinnis/L.A. Sentinel)

“We must stand against injustice; we must stand for our children and we must stand against institutional racism and systemic racism at the ballot box,” he declared. “We must engage the political system that allows racism and oppression within the fabric of its institutions.

“After we march in the streets, let’s march to the ballot box and demand the long awaited changes that are mandatory for progress, freedom and equality!”