By Magrira, Contributing Writer 

 Karen Fox, the CEO and founder of Fox Grand Luxe, is revolutionizing the hair industry with her groundbreaking wig glue, which offers a secure and long-lasting hold for all hair types.  

Karen Fox (Courtesy Photo)

Driven by her personal journey with postpartum hair loss, Fox’s innovative product has quickly gained widespread acclaim, propelling her into the limelight. One notable moment that captured attention was when she amazed TikTok users by successfully sticking a 20-pound watermelon to her arm using her own wig glue. 

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Fox has embodied determination, passion, and a strong commitment to empowering women. Her personal experience with postpartum shedding inspired her to create a wig glue that not only ensures a firm hold, but also nourishes and safeguards the hair, preventing any potential damage.  

With the invaluable assistance of dedicated chemists who meticulously tested the formula, Fox’s glue exemplifies her unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. 

The exceptional qualities of Fox’s wig glue reflect the meticulous process behind its formulation. By utilizing high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin, the glue provides a comfortable and secure hold without causing damage. Its water-resistant and humidity-proof formula ensures that wearers can confidently enjoy their wigs in any weather or during any activity, free from concerns of displacement or discomfort.  

Here’s what Karen Fox had to share with the L.A. Sentinel about her journey. 

L.A. Sentinel: How did your experience with postpartum hair loss (also known as “postpartum shedding”) inspire you to create an innovative wig glue that effectively provides a strong hold without damaging hair? 

Karen Fox: When I gave birth to my son in 2020, I experienced postpartum hair loss, also known as postpartum shedding. My hair became noticeably thin, especially in the front, which was a new and unexpected occurrence for me. This prompted me to try wearing wigs for the first time, and I immediately encountered issues with the glue I used.  

Initially, I had a severe allergic reaction to the glue, which prompted me to start researching alternative options that would work better for me. I needed a glue that was user-friendly, reduced application time, and didn’t compromise the health of my hair.   

Frustrated by the lack of suitable options available, I reached out to an engineer and collaborated with them to develop a glue formula that was quick and easy to apply, providing a long-lasting hold without causing damage to my hair. Once I perfected the formula, I tried it myself and found it to be perfect. This marked the beginning of my personal experience with Fox Grand Luxe glue, which I continue to use to this day. 

LAS: How did a viral TikTok video bring you so much attention? 

KF: Around a year ago, I decided to share a video on TikTok showcasing the effectiveness of my glue. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it was to use and how well it worked.  

In the video, I glued a 20-pound watermelon to myself and walked around with it. My TikTok followers were amazed by the results, as they couldn’t believe that wig glue could securely hold a 20lb watermelon in place!   

Instantly, I received numerous requests to purchase my glue. I had to quickly set up a Shopify account, create a website, and that’s how I launched my company, Fox Grand Luxe.  

My company essentially came into existence overnight due to the viral watermelon video, and the subsequent response has been nothing short of incredible. 

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