Alicia Etheredge-Brown (Courtesy photo)

Uplifting women, producing, managing artists, and creating businesses are some of the hats that Alicia Etheredge-Brown wears in her daily life.

She is responsible for the re-emergence of her husband, Bobby Brown’s, career and since then, they co founded the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House, a “sanctuary for individuals escaping domestic violence.” They also partnered on projects such as “The Bobby Brown Story” and “The New Edition Story,” among many other creations.

“Bobby and I definitely share the same vision and we are also very connected and well-versed with each other’s strengths. Knowing our individual strengths is key to having a collaborative and successful relationship,” said Etheredge-Brown.

Born to a Black father and Irish American mother in Queens, New York, Etheredge-Brown got to experience many different cultures and influences. This exposure to various cultural influences increased when her father’s job took her and her family across the country to California.

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Etheredge-Brown said she grew up with the “best of both worlds,” getting to experience the East and West Coast lifestyles, as she spent most of her summers going back and forth visiting. She accredits the diversity in her upbringing for framing her perspective on family, community and business.

Alicia, her husband Bobby, their son Cassius, and daughters Bodhi and Hendrix. (Courtesy photo)

As a young adult, her pursuit of knowledge took Etheredge-Brown to Howard University, where she sharpened her theater and music management talents.

After college, Etheredge-Brown felt out of place as a young woman in a room “full of suits.” In these male-dominated environments, Etheredge-Brown recalls it being a challenge to know when her voice mattered.

Through situations like these, she learned how to master self-awareness and self-advocating, which she now advises women from all walks of life to do. She is passionate that women always use their voices in the “best way” and do not deny their intuition.

As the founder of Brown Ribbon Entertainment, Etheredge-Brown manages a team of professionals who look after a range of projects from management, television, film content creation and Bobby Brown Foods.

Etheredge-Brown said that balancing her many projects is exciting for her and she sometimes struggles to shut down her business mind. She loves the challenging aspects of what they are achieving at Brown Ribbon Entertainment and said it pushes her to grow.

One of her keys to running a successful team is effectively communicating the shared goal and developing a strategy. She also said that delegation is crucial to be the head of any business or brand and to make sure each team member feels safe to ask for help.

“I remember being so grateful for mentors ahead of me that would allow me to take the reins in something that maybe I wasn’t as experienced at, but that was the best way I learned, hands-on. I try to offer that as well to anyone who’s working or collaborating with us when it comes to our business,” Etheredge-Brown said.

She aspires to leave a fantastic legacy to the next generation by motivating them and ensuring they have support in whatever career or direction they feel is their passion.

“Everybody has their own unique values and can contribute talents. Once you tap into that and you really know what you’re good at, you should stay focused on making the best in that lane. Trust your inner voice, then you’ll know when your outer voice is powerful, necessary, and valued,” Etheredge-Brown said.

In hopes of bringing awareness and a “voice to the voiceless,” Etheredge-Brown and her husband started the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House in 2015.

The foundation calls attention to dating violence targeted in the college age range because they feel it is an age demographic often forgotten.

(Courtesy photo)

They focus on short and long-term stays, and they have partnered with different homes around the United States for those experiencing dating violence.

“As we lost Bobbi Kristina to domestic violence, we wanted to honor her name, and we wanted to honor her life. We thought, what better work we could do than service survivors and help people become aware of the dangers of domestic violence,” Etheredge-Brown said.

The Bobbi Kristina Serenity House wants to teach these young adults what a healthy relationship looks like in hopes of diminishing domestic violence. They also focus on crisis outreach and support for their families.

The foundation is holding its fourth golf tournament and fundraiser at the Oaks Club at Valencia on Oct. 9.

The attendees can expect a day filled with activities. There will be 18 rounds of golf, with golf pros placed on each team, putting and chipping contests, and many influencer and celebrity appearances.

Those who aren’t interested in golf can join the wellness lounge with massages, mini facials and a wellness drink area to cater to self-care.

“Everybody can come. The kids are going to learn a little putt-putt golf. They’re going to ride a mechanical bull and have some face painting. To make it an all-around fun day for the family,” Etheredge-Brown said.

For more information on how to be a sponsor, visit bobbi kristina serenity