Cynthia McClain-Hill (File)

Describing Black women is like describing the process of creation.  They have been charged with the role to nourish other people outside of themselves, whether it be behind closed doors or through organizations of public service, Black women lend out their focus to the growth of the family and collective community; a prime example is seen within Cynthia McClain-Hill.

McClain-Hill has dedicated so much of her life’s energy into the community that she became Board President of the LADWP and reinforced the actions that needed to take place in order to bring forth a new understanding of life and well-being within all communities.

The LADWP is the largest public utility facility in the U.S.; the department serves over 4 million residents. That sizable reach causes the LADWP to employ over 10,000 staff members. This department provides all of the water and power for the City of Los Angeles.

Her level of influence at the LADWP is noteworthy—June of 2021—McClain-Hill unearthed the topic of equity and diversity within the organization. She spoke against forged principalities—with dated perspectives—and unraveled what needed to be done to focus on true justice and equity within the LADWP workforce. McClain-Hill led the first LADWP boardroom that only consisted of women.

McClain-Hill has always worn the colors of equity in a number of struggles for justice, in her days of being the National President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, McClain-Hill developed a stronger sense of justice and a love for balanced voice.

She speaks with elegance and power—with reciprocated energy of equality and fairness. McClain-Hill fortified a new era of justice while she sat within LADWP Boardroom. It’s important to see Black women at the helm; McClain-Hill emulates a source of power that is inspiring.

Women contribute a great deal of work. They look outside themselves and donate their concentration to the flourishing of the family and collective community; Cynthia McClain- Hill is a clear illustration of that energy.

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