Judith Christie McAllister (Photo: www.neverendingworship.org N.E.W.)

“The First Lady of Praise & Worship” gives God all the glory for 60 years of life, more than 40 years in music ministry, and the release of her newest book, “Mom & Pop”

Dr. Judith Christie McAllister, affectionately known in the African American church and around the world as “The Queen of Praise & Worship,” recently celebrated her 60th birthday, over 40 years in music ministry, and the release of her newest book, “Mom & Pop.” M.O.M. is an acronym for minister of music, and P.O.P. is an acronym for pastor of the people.

Widely recognized as one of the trailblazers who helped to usher in the “Praise & Worship Movement” in the African American Church, McAllister is a classically trained pianist and a Grammy-nominated choir director.  She is also a songwriter, producer, author, mentor, Oral Roberts University graduate, and without question, one of the most influential music ministry leaders of all times.

Her songs, such as “Oh Give Thanks,” “Like the Dew,” “Hallelujah You’re Worthy,” and “To Our God,” can be heard in churches, conferences, cars, and homes throughout the world.

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On September 29, 2023, McAllister celebrated her 60th birthday by giving back to Los Angeles and the world by way of a free star-studded, and impactful concert. The concert featured friends and music ministry leaders such as Pastor Donnie McClurken, Kurt Carr, Rich Tolbert, Markita Knight, David Daughtery, Nicole (Nikki) Potts, and Lena Byrd Myles.

Many ministers of the Gospel, gospel music artists, worshipers of God, and fans from around the country came out to show honor and pay tribute to McAllister on her birthday, for the impact that she’s had in their lives, families, and in many instances, successful careers.

McAllister with Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., and First Lady Emeritus Mae Blake on the book release date ( Photo: N.E.W.)

McAllister also celebrated 35 years of marriage to her college sweetheart, Elder Darin McAllister. Together they have three beautiful and brilliant young adult children. Dr. McAllister is well known as a “Mother in Zion,” and she is a role model and mentor to thousands of spiritual sons and daughters throughout the globe.

As the CEO of Never Ending Worship Enterprises (N.E.W.) LLC., McAllister is devoted to equipping, edifying, mentoring, and cultivating the gifts and talents of ministers of music, worship leaders,  musicians, singers, dancers, and all worshipers who have the desire to exude excellence and precision in their calling, holiness in their living, reverence in their worship and love in their walk.

McAllister’s newest book MOM & POP was released on Saturday, October 1, 2023, as part of the 3-day “Never Ending Worship” birthday celebration weekend.  In this book, McAllister shares with us what she learned in her over 40 years of music ministry, and she paints a clear picture of just how vital the relationship between the MOM (minister of music) & POP (pastor of the people) is for successful music ministry.

Concerning this vital relationship between the MOM & POP, McAllister states: “The relationship between the pastor and the minister of music is one where there must be a unification of thought, vision, mutual respect, and an alignment of purpose. The music ministry should be crafted so that the environment is conducive to planting the seed of the Word of God into the hearts of the people, which is the most important part of any worship service.”

This book is a must-read that is filled with words of wisdom, experiences, and examples of how to press through no matter what, and it reveals deep and helpful insights that as McAllister put at the end of some of the chapters, the reader should “Selah” (pause and reflect) upon what they just read.  Selah is often seen at the end of a Psalm, and it is often meant as a time for contemplation of the words in the Psalms. Likewise, it is meant as such when it is seen in the book.

(Courtesy photo)

In the introduction of MOM & POP, McAllister points out that the global impact she has been blessed to accomplish in praise & worship is due in part, to the vision, teachings, impartation, encouragement, and loving correction that she received from her beloved spiritual father, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., pastor emeritus of West Angeles Church of God in Christ, and presiding bishop emeritus of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.

“The Kingdom partnership we were able to forge for over 35 years has changed the face of the ministry of worship as we know it, and it is primarily from the vantage point of this relationship that this book is penned,” said McAllister.

As one admirer shared, “We thank God for Dr. McAllister’s relentless pursuit of pleasing God, and loving His people, through a life that is dedicated to giving God her very best, and encouraging those who see the Christ in her to want to pursue the same. We look forward to seeing what God will do through her next, for His glory in the years ahead.”

Dr. Judith Christie McAllister currently serves as the executive director of the Music & Worship Arts Ministry at West Angeles Church of God in Christ where Elder Charles E. Blake II is the pastor and DeAndra Blake is the first lady.

Watch her 60th  Birthday Celebration Concert, https://www.youtube.com/live/-Hj5fKb-8iU?si=pbjPjNSNLeIcX53S

To purchase the book MOM & POP,  https://www.neverendingworship.org/newpage

For the Kindle version, visit https://a.co/d/10ZkvEo

Her Newest Book on Kindle, https://a.co/d/10ZkvEo

The early days of worship at West Angeles Church – Watch Until the End, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3EwWja1G6s