Dorsey running back Javaun Lewis jr (13) (Photo by Rob Helfman)

The Dorsey Dons football team executed four touchdown passes to defeat their cross-town rivals Crenshaw High School 42-7. The Dons have a 4-0 record in the Coliseum League and the Cougars have a 1-3 league record.

“We came out here with good energy,” said Dorsey senior Jeremy Ofulume. “As soon as warm-ups hit, we were catching every ball and we just took that and ran with it.”

Dorsey jumped to a 14-0 lead by the end of the first quarter.

“I feel like it gave the team confidence we came out strong and hard and we didn’t let off,” said Dorsey junior Dewayne Byrdsong. “It started off in practice on Monday, all of us was grinding hard, competing, going against each other.”

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The Cougars had possession to start the second and made small advances down the field. A 19-yard scramble by quarterback Donce Lewis put Crenshaw on the board.

Although the Crenshaw defense battled, Dorsey quarterback Ciel Myles made a touchdown pass on a fourth down. Dorsey senior Chad Sabal made a punt return for a touchdown on their next possession.

Senior Mar’kyvion Suell was a key part of the Cougars’ running game.

“We just gotta keep working hard,” Suell said. “I know that this is a big rivalry game.”

The victory lifted Dorsey to a 4-0 league record while Crenshaw has a 1-3 league record (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Myles targeted senior Anthony Green for two touchdowns passes in the second half.

“Our quarterback works very hard in practice,” Ofulume said “As soon as he see the press coverage and somebody’s sitting on our routes, we just go deep and we can take it deep and complete all of our passes.”

Byrdsong called the matchup his “redemption night.” During last year’s rivalry, he was sidelined with an injury by the second half.

“I was gonna come into the game with good energy, rushing hard,” Byrdsong said. “It wasn’t no letting off the gas against them.”

Dorsey looks to finish their season with an undefeated Coliseum League record as they travel to battle the Locke Saints on October 28 at 7:30P.M.. Crenshaw will also travel to clash against Hawkins high school on October 28 at 7:30P.M.