Crenshaw quarterback Donce Lewis (2) (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The Crenshaw Cougars football team secured their first Coliseum League victory when they defeated the Locke Saints 38-0. Both teams now have a 2-6 overall record.

This game marked the return of Crenshaw quarterback Donce Lewis who was sidelined with an injury.

“I got hurt week four, so I’ve been out for three weeks,” Lewis said. “I’ve been with my boys, they really helped me through it, motivating me every day at practice.”

The Cougars scored on their first two possessions. On their first drive, Lewis targeted wide receiver Damarion Keyes for a 31-yard play to put the Cougars in the Saints’ red zone. A one-yard carry from Keyes put the Cougars on the board. The second touchdown came from a 16-yard pass.  At the end of the first quarter, the Cougars were up 14-0.

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Crenshaw committed three rushing touchdowns in the matchup, with Lewis scrambling into the endzone moments before halftime. Lewis has played football with the Crenshaw running back corps since their formative years. He also noted the talent of his wide receivers.

“They’re fast, so nobody can stop us,” Lewis said.

Keyes also made plays on the ground during the matchup. He noted how he was “ready to run.”

Crenshaw held Locke to 11 first downs (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

“I scoped out the other team,” Keyes said. “I’m a playmaker, I did what I can do, got down the field, did what I had to do for my team.”

In the second half, Makyi Douglas took the reins as the signal caller for the Cougars. He connected with Jeremiah Blackmon to make their last touchdown of the night. Keyes spoke highly of both quarterbacks.

“[Lewis] is an All Star, he’s gonna do it all, he’s gonna throw the ball, he’s gonna run the ball, he’s gonna make plays,” Keyes said. “[Douglas] throw dots, he gonna put it on the money, but he got to work on it, [Douglas] is gonna get better.”

The Cougars’ defense played a big role in the win. Crenshaw held Locke to 11 first downs and Dion Odom made an interception at the end of the first half.

“Defense was most important because the first three or four games, they was slacking off,” Lewis said. “So it was a good defensive game for them.”

Crenshaw will travel to battle Dorsey high school on October 21 at 7:30P.M. and Locke will host King/Drew high school on October 21 at 7:30P.M.