Council Member Nury Martinez (File photo)

City of Los Angeles Councilwoman Nury Martinez issued the following statement after introducing a motion calling for a Green New Deal in the City of Los Angeles. This comes just on the heels of a press conference with Mayor Garcetti, Councilmembers Paul Krekorian, Paul Koretz, and Mike Bonin, and President of the LADWP Board of Commissioners Mel Levine, announcing that LADWP will not repower three power plants with natural gas by 2029:

“On the heels of the historic announcement yesterday at LADWP Headquarters, I was thrilled to introduce a motion today calling for a Green New Deal in the City of Los Angeles. The power plants are just a start, and we are proud to take it further by introducing this landmark resolution for a cleaner Los Angeles. The commitments we make today, and moving forward, need to be part of a larger narrative. We will take on Climate Change head on, and we will do so with a strategy where the fight against climate change and the path to a clean energy future begins and ends in our frontline communities.

“It’s our kids who suffer from asthma. It’s our young women and men being left out of the Green Economy. But most importantly, it’s our communities that have the solutions and commitment to protecting the environment. Neighborhoods like Pacoima, South LA, and Wilmington, will be the places where solutions will come from, where solutions will be implemented, and where residents will see the immediate benefit.”