Kevin Monk Campaign Marred in Falsehood


Compton District 1 City Council candidate Kevin J. Monk has been accused of misleading voters about his personal past and his spotty credentials in his quest to represent the city as the primary election looms on Tuesday April 21.

Monk had initially posted a video trumpeting his candidacy on Youtube denying that he had ever been arrested, but subsequently removed it after documentation surfaced that Monk was charged with four counts of Felony Perjury and was convicted for Felony Welfare Fraud after seven years of legal actions by the D.A. 

Accordingly, “Monk quickly pleaded guilty and promised to pay back” the $12,180.73 according to sources.

Monk who trails city council incumbent Janna Zurita in most political poles stated in her own political mailers that “First Kevin Monk lied by stating he was not arrested and charged for possession of a controlled substance. (Cocaine)”

Many who saw the Monk video have also criticized the candidate for playing the blame game.   Some say he is constantly pointing out problems within the city of Compton such as high water bills and pot holes in the street but he never offers solutions for how he intends to address or fix these problems.  

Zurita who has known Monk and his family for years was quick to point out that everything in Monk’s video was not untrue.  She stated, “However it is true that Monk is a husband, a father, a pastor and long-time resident of the 1st district, and yes he is a relative newcomer to Compton politics who is running for City Council”.