Karisma Shackelford Lauches “Color Me Digi,” Online Seminar for Self-empowerment! (Courtesy)

On Saturday, December 12—Influencers, professional travelers, and life coaches all gathered for Color Me Digi, an online seminar sharing ideas for self-empowerment through lifestyle. The six-hour event was hosted by Color Me World Founder—Karisma Shackelford and finished with Olympian and World Championship Gold Medalist Mechelle Lewis Freeman as the keynote speaker.

The panelist focused on topics like travel hacking, healthy relationship advice, women’s empowerment, managing generational wealth, and spiritual empowerment which seemed to be at the core of each topic.

Guest panelists include Relationship Coach—Christy Little Jones, Lifestyle Influencer—Derron Walker, Plant Based Nutritionist—Erica Nicholson, Lifestyle Influencer—Hadiatu Dumbuya, Entrepreneur—Johnathan Quarles, Generational Wealth Strategist—Jonelle Rocke, Travel Influencer—Josh Valentin, Travel Influencer—Julia Menez, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach—Kena Hodges, and many more.

The online event launched with a warm welcome from Karisma Shackelford, with an audience of 100+ viewers streaming worldwide. Shackelford guided her audience through a 5-minute meditation. She recited positive affirmations that allowed everyone to sit back and enjoy the online workshops that offers solutions for empowerment through lifestyle change.

Shackelford eyes were closed as she took a deep breath and said, “I want all of you to sit back and allow your minds to be like a parachute and be open… Mother nature has taken her course. We are all blending and coming together to become a colorful world.”

Generational wealth is an uncommonly discussed topic unless it is specifically searched for; however, the information presented in the generational wealth workshop was informative and inspirational. Sharing ideas of making sound economic decisions through the purpose of an everlasting family legacy.

Being the first speaker of the day, Generational Wealth Strategist, Jonelle Rocke gave a detailed PowerPoint presentation of what to consider when building and maintaining generational wealth. Rocke stated “70% of wealth that is passed down is lost in the second generation, and then over 90% is lost by the third generation. So, you have to put the work in now and prepare your beneficiaries.”

According to Rocke, it takes a “wealth mindset,” beliefs that spend time, resources, and energy on work that continues to pay off long after the effort has been invested. Rocke says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You have to give your money an assignment. If you do not tell it where to go, then guess what? It’s going to disappear.”

A strong sense of spirituality was at the core of each workshop, repeating phrases and affirmations like “I am a money magnet!” or “Unlock your personal power!” Each panelist acclaiming their success from practicing stern self-awareness and positive self-talk.

Lifestyle Influencer, Hadiatu Dumbuya advised streamers to “acknowledge your imperfections as areas to grow.” As well as “trying different learning tactics” like reading outside of formal education. Lifestyle Influencer, Derron Walker says, “Take ten-minutes, and write-out some pros and cons about your life. Right now! And start focusing on the small things that you can control to empower yourself to grow.”

The travel hacking workshop shared insight of manipulating our existing rules of traveling and finding new ways to maximize your travel experience. Such as, earning free flights, lodging, and many other upgrades common travelers are unaware of.

Travel Influencer, Julia Menez claims “I travel using credit cards, points and [flight] miles, which a lot of people sometimes are thinking ‘that is financially irresponsible,’ but I show people how to do it in a way that is very sustainable.”  Discussing one of his favorite ‘easy to use’ travel hacks; Travel Influencer, Josh Valentin mentioned “When you first get to the reception at any hotel, give [the receptionist] a compliment and smile. Then when you are asking for your room, ask for an upgrade because there is that reciprocity between you and the person at the reception. A lot of time they will upgrade you complimentary because you were nice and gave them a compliment.”

The online seminar culminated with Mechelle Lewis Freeman as she shared her experiences as a World-Class Olympian struggling with fear. By combating her fears with discipline, consistency, as well as visualizing short-term and long-term goals, she has found that the momentum of taking positive action silences the negative voices that live in each of our minds.

Freeman said, “Here I am, my first race back. I am like ‘Okay, it’s time to go!’ I have been training hard, my faith is deep, and I’m still fast. I got it! The race goes off, and boom! I get dead last… So, now you have the mental part, and that’s why consistency is so important. Now you know how to compete against that [fear]. So, when you feed that faith and feed that vision, when you’re in those moments of conflict, you can get that one up on fear in that moment!”

Each panelist was full of energy, and the live commentary of streamers were all supportive, as well as inquisitive of the deep subject matter presented. If you struggle with self-love, self-awareness, and self-discipline, then you may want to explore the Color Me World community. An online community that has over 10,000 people of color who share the passions of unplugging from the norm to elevate life no matter where they are in the world.