Roberta Coleman and Frances Dickson (Courtesy photos)

Experiencing 10 decades of living is not for the faint-hearted. Just ask Roberta Coleman and Frances Richardson, two beautiful local women who recently celebrated their 100th birthdays. Here are their stories.


Roberta Coleman

God has been a constant presence in the long life of Mrs. Coleman, who marked 100 years of living on March 30. At the age of 24, she said, “I gave my heart and life to the Lord,” and she has stayed close to Him since then.

Born in Selma, Arkansas, Mrs. Coleman enjoyed a career in education and youth programs where she positively impacted the lives of children across the country. In 2010, she moved to Southern California and continued to influence people of all ages.

A church member at Greater Emmanuel Temple in Lynwood noted, “Mrs. Coleman is a model of grace and determination and cultivates an indelible spirit of love and excellence.”

To others seeking an extended life, Mrs. Coleman advised, “Recognize the Lord.” Quoting Proverbs 3:5-6, she added, “The Bible says, ‘In all thy ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct thy path.’”

She also offered words of wisdom to young people, pointing them to Ecclesiastes 12:1.   “I say to youth, ‘Remember your Creator while you’re young.’ Give your life to the Lord while you are young and don’t be entangled with all of the corruption that is in the world because there are a lot of things in the world that you can get all mixed up in.”

The Greater Emmanuel Temple congregation saluted Mrs. Coleman on April 1, and presented her with awards and proclamations from elected officials, remembrances from family and friends, and celebratory dinner.


Frances Dickson

With praises to God for never leaving or forsaking her, Frances E. Dickson will celebrate her 100th birthday on April 23.

“What an incredible milestone! 365,525 days, 876,600 hours, and 52,296,000 minutes experiencing the presence of the Almighty God,” said her daughter, Evelyn Curtiss.

Mrs. Dickson, a native of Texas, relocated to Los Angeles in 1944. Aiming to improve life for her three children, she pursued her education and became a registered nurse in 1971 where she worked for several local hospitals, repeatedly receiving awards for her exceptional service.

Retiring from L.A. County-Hubert Humphrey Medical Hospital in 1984, Mrs. Dickson lent her time and talents to Word of Life Christian Bookstores, which are owned by the Curtiss family.

“Word of Life Christian Bookstore has been honored to have Mom Dickson employed during some of her retirement time to provide outstanding customer service with love and patience,” her daughter said.

In addition, Mrs. Dickson is a faithful member and prayer warrior of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood led by Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer.