Celebrities turn to her cooking when they wish to enchant their guests; Katrina Michelle is the founder of K Michelle’s Kitchen Catering and she has a solid reputation for being one of the top caterers to the stars. All of her clients agree that her catering is the best.  

 On Saturday, Oct. 21, the Taste of Soul will feature some of her best recipes. Katrina’s journey to the stars began as a love language that she practiced with her friends and family. 

All photos (Courtesy of Katrina Michelle)

Three years ago, Katrina had a revolutionary moment while cooking brunch for her friends in Palm Springs. They were extremely impressed by her spread and presentation of her food. Katrina’s friends nudged her with an idea – people would pay for this type of quality of cooking and ambiance. Katrina began to see the vision.  

 Explaining how her season of catering began to launch, Katrina recalled, “I got my first booking for a birthday party, which rolled into the birthday party, which rolled into a contract with Blue Flame Motorcycle Club during the football season—cooking for them every week – which spiraled into celebrity events.”   

 She always knew that her love language was acts of service since Katrina cooked for her friends and family as a way to show love. With her family and loved ones’ support, the flicker of light for entrepreneurship was ignited.  

 Katrina admitted to having a passion and love for what she does and that’s what makes it beautiful.  As her ventures continue to grow, Katrina said her friends and family have showed up for her in ways she couldn’t possibly imagine. Katrina’s loved ones consistently come and help her at the bigger events and they give her the encouragement needed to become a better business owner. 

 Katrina stated, “I’m very grateful for the help that I have had. I have great mentors that have led me to this phase that I am in my business right now, pushing me to be my best, to work my hardest, to be a dedicated Black business, that has professional service, focusing on customer service, quality, and professionalism.” 

In recalling her starlit catering experiences, Katrina noted that she worked with rap artists Offset, Soulja Boy and Korrupt. K Michelle Kitchen Catering has been spotted at numerous cooperate events and in the church circuit.   

 Katrina is really invested in making a difference through her flavors.  It’s a unique blend of Caribbean, Creole, and curry spices. Some of her signature dishes include salmon, shrimp, and cheesy “pull-apart” tacos. K Michelle Kitchen Catering is also known for their Cajun pasta and lobster macaroni and cheese.  

 K Michelle Kitchen Catering will have a booth at the 18th annual Taste of Soul family street festival, on Saturday, Oct. 21. “ 

 Taste of Soul was a very great experience for us—we’ve done larger events but not to the size of Taste of Soul, so it was great to be out there and know that we gotten a hang of doing the larger pop-ups,” said Katrina.  

 Come taste what Hollywood is raving about at K Michelle’s booth on Saturday, Oct. 21.  

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