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The adventure continues in the land of Zankli with, Defiant love.  This coming March, the world prepares for the continuous journey found in the Zankli Chronicles book series. Her novels embark on the eternal story about the power and strength of love. Author M.J. Duffy explores the wild, untamed corners of the imagination. The expedition through her imagination leads to a world that stands on love being the cure to all. As the series continues to unfold in the third book entitled Defiant love, the supernatural romance takes form in more vibrant hues of passion and desire; to convey the mission of the soul. M.J. Duffy shares her trials and revelations that created this series and unearth what it means to capture intimacy in the purest form.

Novelist M.J. Duffy is a Los Angeles Native, graduating from UCLA She has always been a determined student in life. She recalls in her preliminary studies the struggle of having dyslexia, which made it very challenging to read and keep up in her classes. She shared childhood memories of having her brother read to her. Then she would recite the same passage when she went to school all by memory. “I thank my brother to this day…” She said softly while reminiscing about her childhood experience. It was the first flicker of the power of love . Ironically, the gift of writing came in a form of a book. Gone With the wind by Margaret Mithell struck a chord with Duffy; she fell in love with how the images of landscapes and characters full of life were painted in her mind. Through that inspiration, M.J. created a whole new niche genre for herself to design a world that is part of our reality.

The Zankli experience is a record of real human encounters and only enhanced with the supernatural abilities.  The actual location of Zankli is in West Africa, and M.J. has been told many stories from her inner circle that come to light within her characters. Where the reality of this place takes a mystical turn is within the wonderous people.  Celestial beings crossed paths with the human species and have created a whole new world through romance of finding “The one.” These descendants from indigenous people and celestial beings have Devine powers; they are committed to purity and incapable of evil. When asked the purpose for this series Duffy responded, “To promote goodness and grace…to show that love conquers all.”  The Zankli book series celebrates African culture, a world of legacy and heritage, and it being told by a string of relatable thoughts between humanity and the universe.

Duffy has studied the human brain and its need for love for each of her books. From the beginning of series starting with origins starting in Lost Love and then the following quest in captured love, M.J. has accumulated a lot of information that show the major significance of love connecting inside the human brain. She has shared openly; Love is a necessity for all humans; there is a chemical reaction within us when we are experiencing that emotion causing hormones that produce adrenaline or happiness. Her velvety detailed books excrete a passionate energy for the reader to feel and be inspired by love.

Defiant Love picks up on the sulfuric air of an archaic war. Battles between the heavens and the ten dimensions puts  zankli’s finest warrior, Tuk  pursuing multiple victories over the antagonist clan, Anomalies. Leading the Anomalies is Tibooquee. The Anomalies thrive off the polarized views from the Zankli people. Anomalies are pure evil and wicked beings that feed off greed, envy, and animosity. Through this act of war within the cosmos came an explosion that caused comets to rain down on earth.  It changed the environment which resulted in new forms of life and inhabitants, The war in the cosmos have been happening for ages but ultimately–love prevails.

M.J. Duffy (Courtesy photo)

The inscribed art M.J. has been producing has always received a generous amount of encouragement due to the power and influence of each book;  sponsored by a variety of broadcasts and non-profit beneficiaries such as DeLiLu Achievement Home, “A non-profit organization investing in the future of our youth.” As well as the Child Evangelism Fellowship of South Bay.  The up and coming launch party will be an evening to remember, with connection and passion for the affectionate narrative that has captured the essence of the original blueprint for all life, and that is to love and be loved.

To acknowledge the continual journey of the celestial tribe, on March 29. M.J. Duffy will be hosting a launch party in honor of the Zankli experience that has been expressed in all three books. She explained in excitement that the book launch will have themed areas; there will be a station capturing each published series. Guests can travel through the history and different terrains of Zankli in person. The evening will be celebrating the success of the Zankli tribe and showcasing the adventure in its authentic form, through human connection.