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Have you noticed frequently you hear, “I didn’t mean for that to happen.” Well, you may not have meant for that to happen, but the side effects and the residuals and the results of your actions led to this effect. You caused it by doing this. Think back…think way back and remember the prerequisite to your actions. What do you think The Almighty would say if He was asked, “O’Lord, why are we in this situation?” Since, He is all wise, all knowing and knows the end from the beginning, He might say something like, “You remember the instructions I gave you way back in the “garden?” Do you remember what you did anyway?” “Cain, remember when I told you, “I’m going to give you another chance. Just go back and think this thing over.” But, Cain persisted in doing things his own way and decided to confront God and worship The Holy God in his own way. Remember what happened to Cain?…God put him away from His presence. Cain became a vagabond and a wanderer.

He lost privileges of significant consequences. And, even the ground began to work against him so much so that it was difficult to till, cultivate and grow food and all along the way his life became harder and harder. Even until this very day, farmers agronomist, pharmacists, health care workers and officials, cosmetologist and other professions are trying to replace that which was lost from way back then thousands of years ago! The very unfortunate part of this legendary account is that this curse on the ground won’t be turned back to its grand state until the millenium. By contrast, what did Cain’s brother, Abel, do? Abel brought his offering to The Almighty God and presented it to Him by faith. That’s the difference right there. God paid “respect” to Abel’s offering. He acknowledged his offering by sending “Holy acceptance: “fire.” So, you ask, “What does that have to do with me?’ “That’s an old bible story?” And who pays attention to those old stories.

That is the very point here. God said to Eve, the mother of all living, “What have you done!?” God said to Cain, after he killed Abel,  “What have you done!?” What had been done was beyond any acceptable explanation at all. And they could not go back and turn the situation around. So, is the case here and now. Whatever has been done can only be undone by the One and Only Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY atonement for “what we have done!” He responds to our call with mercy, grace and atonement. No one can undo the coronavirus. The coronavirus is the conscience of the world on display. “What have we done?” How did the genie get out of the bottle? The same old question can be asked of the world, “What have you done?” No one can escape the inescapable.

No where to run. Nowhere to hide! Perhaps, minimize it through testing, wearing masks, etc. but question cannot be ignored. Shut down the nation, the world?? Bad idea that makes not good even worse. Its effects are widespread! It can be abated, but there is no vaccine as yet. Who dunnit? (Who Did it?) Why can’t we just stuff it in a bottle and say, “That’s it Ol’ COV) The wrong doing so great has been done. Does everyone play a role in its spread? We hope not. But, very possible. God gave Cain another chance after he had told him what to do to eliminate the aftereffects of his dreadful deed. He refused. He refused. Are you listening? Do our ears need cleaning out? Thanks for reading!  Jeanette Grattan Parker, Founder-Superintendent Today’s Fresh Start Charter School 323-293-9826 www.todaysfreshstart.org; [email protected]. Tm [email protected] tm “Inquiring minds want to know.”© All rights reserved©Askdrjeanetteparker.com tm