Rev. Joyce L. Randall (Clayton Everett photo)

The L.A. Sentinel Religion section continues to celebrate Women’s History Month by highlighting Los Angeles-area “Champions of Faith,” which features ordinary people inspired by their faith to make a difference in the community.

          Rev. Joyce L. Randall, Associate Minister – First AME Church and LAUSD Educator

What is your ministry/profession?

I have been an itinerant elder in the AME Church since 1995. I am in service at First AME, Los Angeles where the Rev. J. Edgar Boyd is the pastor. I am a career educator by profession and a teacher and program coordinator.


What is the mission of this ministry?

The mission of my service is to provide equitable access for a quality education regardless of your zip code. My goal is always to empower our future with a growth mindset so that they can achieve their dreams with diligent hard work. While it is my sacred responsibility to bring others to Christ, I do not evangelize at school.


What role has God played in your ministry?

God is the center of my joy. My love for God allows me to deflect the unkindness I experience. My love for God allows me to look beyond faults, teach to the need and serve the need. Being an educator in the public school system gives me multiple opportunities to be about what I praise about. Love drives my service delivery.


What is a memorable moment during your ministry/profession? I have several including being ordained an itinerant elder, my mother sitting in the rain at my post-graduate graduation, former students achieving success in life, becoming a coordinator, a former student achieving greatness in the NBA, baptizing my first born grandson, delivering words of encouragement to guests at Weingart and Union Rescue Mission, raising reading scores from 2nd grade to 9th grade in three years and delivering food on Thanksgiving and Christmas to sick and shut-in.


What are your future goals?

I am working on becoming a magnet coordinator.


 How can others help or get involved in your efforts? 

Because of the need for positive and stable role models, go to your local school, and register as a volunteer. Take time with our future generation. The students are in need of validation of their student voice.