1. Erika Bond, Robert, Foster, and Emmanuel Fortune (Shelby Stephens, L.A. Sentinel)

For their first Los Angeles event, the All-Love Racquet Club celebrated the African American tennis community on Sunday, February 25, at the Michelle and Barack Obama Sports Complex in celebration of Black History Month. Founder Erika Bond coordinated “The Cookout” as an ode to Black resilience and determination in the world of tennis. Sponsored by Black-owned tennis company FURI Sport, the event is inspired by the rich legacy of the Rancho Cienega tennis community, aims to foster inclusivity, and diversity in racquet sports.

All-Love Racquet Club is a collective community and lifestyle brand dedicated to embracing equitable access to sports like tennis, padel, and pickleball. The club is committed to championing more comprehensive representation and ensuring that every player or fan, regardless of background, finds a welcoming and authentic space to build community and culture. Through events like “The Cookout,” All-Love Racquet Club hopes to spark conversations and inspire change within the tennis community, advocating for a future where access to the sport is not a luxury but available for all.

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Erika Bond (Shelby Stephens, L.A. Sentinel)

Under the visionary leadership of Bond, “The Cookout” is the third event produced by All-Love and marks a significant milestone in L.A. The tournament and clinical style celebration featured six teams with 36 participating players and two full-courts of 16 beginners, competing and learning the highly athletic sport. All-Love partnered with Fortune Tennis, a tennis program ran by Emmanuel Fortune, to a host a day filled with comradery and Black joy with food, prizes, games, and good tennis. Prizes and giveaways were provided by FURI Sport and local tennis fashion brand Ace the Moon. Food from Chef Stephen Metoyear and dessert from Westchester Bakery stayed true to the cookout theme with their offerings. More sweets and mocktails were provided by The Dessert Bar, along with other local Black-owned vendors like, the Protagonist Black  mobile bookstore, Brownhaze Jewelry, art from BreAnn Renae, on the spot massages from The Experience Pop-up Spa, and the American Tennis Association (ATA).

The ATA was founded 1916 to fight for African Americans to have community in tennis. ATA is the oldest African American sports organization in the United States and continues to honor the founding primary objectives to bring black tennis enthusiasts and players into close and friendly relations, to improve the standards of existing clubs, to hold an annual national championship tournament, to regulate the dates of local and regional tournaments to avoid conflicts, to appoint referees and officials for each event, and to promote the standard of the game among black players.

As an Atlanta native traveling and eventually settling in the West, Bond has taken it upon herself to challenge the status quo and create a space where everyone can participate and excel in racquet sports. The Prairie View A&M University Alumni and D1 athlete’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity is commendable, has reshaped the tennis landscape, and developed a strong, supportive community.

All-Love was a direct response to the disparities in the Los Angeles tennis scene. Bond’s journey to organize “The Cookout” has shed light on the complexities and challenges facing the tennis community. She shared, “with the fanbase of the sport becoming more and more diverse, there is an increasing need to develop a collective and brand, like All-Love, that feels accessible and safe for everyone to engage with.”

Championship Medal (Shelby Stephens, L.A. Sentinel)

“I am determined to change the narrative and perception of tennis to make the sport more inclusive,” said Bond. “The vision behind All-Love was born from my personal journey as a person of color in the world of tennis, both as a player and coach. In many cases, sports and community naturally intertwine, but when you engage in a sport that wasn’t originally designed with you in mind, it can be an isolating experience. Through All-Love, my aim is to transform that narrative and create a welcoming space for anyone interested in racquet sports.”

Bond is taking the club East to New York for their next event. Her goal is to continue to host every three months to garnish consistency in the community. For more information about All-Love Racquet Club and how to become a member, visit www.all-loveclub.com.