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The heart of Inglewood beats heavily for thriving entrepreneurs and small businesses. All In Coworking of Inglewood, founded by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Matthew Newman, is making its mark as a space for an affordable and accessible hub for enterprising minds to come and collaborate on their dreams as well becoming an epicenter for community engagement.

Matthew, originally from Houston, Texas, came to Los Angeles with an idea to add to the economic development of the neighborhoods in South LA. After pivoting from real estate, he found value in the opportunities that surrounded him within his newfound backyard. How could he bring his own expertise to the community that serves him? How can he be a connecting force for like-minds to add to the financial and cultural ecosystem of Inglewood? Enter: All In Coworking of Inglewood.

All In Coworking of Inglewood launched in November 2019 and is quickly growing into a gateway for creativity and collaboration. Multi-purpose spaces, conference rooms, a multi-media editing bay, as well as a hangout lounge all function together to serve a plethora of industries and objectives for constructive co-work. Newman holds a trifecta of goals for AICI: to serve as a rental space for churches in transition, be an efficient workspace for small businesses in transition, and be the go-to safe space for business-centric social gatherings.

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Community engagement is a core pillar for AICI, and with its roster of communal events, the value that is passed down to its members is inevitable. One of those events, called Social Proof, is an event that AICI is looking to launch the second installment in June. It’s a mixer for entrepreneurial teachers and students coming together to brainstorm and strategize around a central idea. It serves as a networking powerhouse of influential people in one room.

“That’s the value in itself; that you have other folks around you who are doing phenomenal things. But when you can have billionaires and millionaires show you how to do it, like they say, at least if you could just lick the knife, that’s value in itself.”

Since November, Newman and All In Coworking of Inglewood have partnered with the American Heart Association and other local organizations to continue to add to the social welfare of Inglewood.

“You have to stay true to the community. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get distracted when there’s uncertainty or when money’s not coming in. But what I’ve learned along the process is that staying true to the community, there’s so many people in the community that can help you. If you’re a true pillar of the community, one who is honestly and modestly going after helping someone else in that aspect, you’ll be helped. But it all comes down to community.”

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No matter the philosophy of business or entrepreneurship that one may follow, being able to pivot in times of distress and continue to serve the community is an undeniable strength. With the turn of the pandemic, Matthew Newman is shifting the conversation of entrepreneurs and addressing the needs for productivity, accountability, and accessibility by taking co-work virtual. The All In owner identified a solution for the chaos that ensued from social distancing and the closing of many businesses. By going virtual, it addresses a multitude of varied concerns: mental health caused by isolation, self and group accountability within a work space, community outside of four walls, a like-minded network to congregate with. The transition of physical co-working to virtual co-working sustains the possibilities that All In Coworking of Inglewood stands for. His plans for a collaborative community of entrepreneurial masterminds is set to launch by the end of March.

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