Dr. Jeanette Parker
Dr. Jeanette Parker (File Photo)

Well, it was BIG news last week when Ukraine President Zelenskyy came to the United States and addressed Congress.

He spoke on behalf of the Ukrainian people and his country. He wanted $45 billion dollars for increased weaponry for their arsenal of war weapons to fight Russia.

The $45 billion amount raids our treasury, which is already $31 trillion in the red. Sounds like a catch-22. Putin is actively watching on the sidelines as United States aids an ally (Ukraine) and how much money did U.S. lose when we shut down our operations in Afghanistan? Somewhere, I read billions of dollars of weapons were left. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

I thank God that we have more of our elected officials in Washington who care about our country to aid Ukraine. Russia has made Ukraine an enemy. Russia is already our enemy (I’m sorry about that). U.S. Treasury already $31 trillion in the red to fund a war in a place hardly known by Americans.

“Can’t we all get along,” as Rodney King said. Doesn’t look like it. Are we a charity? We’re always giving, which is good, but I’m concerned about our own, too – educating our children, student loans, jobs, food, gas, crime. Don’t you get concerned about the everyday needs of our own people?

And what about all those people on the borders? Immigration rules don’t seem to be active anymore. They appear to have been stamped out. And it’s not just one President’s fault either. This has been a build up of lack of following the immigration legal structure and adjusting the laws through the years.

Ukraine wants heavier and more powerful weapons. Understandable. We have a big battle ahead. We can’t lose. Bet they’re compiling the list of weapons now as we speak.

Who will monitor/audit the expenditures? How will the American people know what is spent and how spent. A document more than 4,000 pages talks about the money being spent. Below herein you will read of the “money hungry silversmiths.”

The Greedy Silversmiths: Paul, the Apostle wrote, “For I think that God has displayed us, the apostles, last, as men condemned to death, for we have been made a spectacle to the world, both to angels and to men. We are fools for Christ sake.” (1 Corinthians 4:9-11)

He humbles himself and his brethren: “We are weak. We are dishonored, we hunger and thirst, poorly clothed, beaten and homeless; reviled and persecuted, but we endure. We bless and are defamed.”

It sounds like Paul could see and experience the hardships during his life in “the way,” along with the other apostles. They sacrificed without limits.   There were others he mentioned in this context who were distinguished, but the apostles were “fools for Christ.”

Paul was in Ephesus; he used the “sword” of Christ – the Gospel – to convince the spectators, unbelievers, to Christ. It did not always work. The parables tell us that people did not believe because their ears were stopped up and they had no faith.

He, along with his companions, were unswerving in their mission to expose the spectators to the gospel. The silversmiths became violent and put up a big fight causing a riot! What was the problem? (Acts 19:23-41) Why in the world were they so upset and made such a stinky commotion?

Demetrius, who was over the “silversmith guild,” called together other silversmiths. His main statement was according to Acts 19:26 that they are not gods, which were made with hands. Paul told them their false beliefs were basically nonsense.

Well, that’s the very problem we experience even to this day. We see this throughout scripture. People making, carving, designing, imagining things that will never equal “the One and Only True God.” Demetrius and other silversmiths as well as perhaps other groups according to their trade, maybe coppersmiths, who believed that the goddess, Diana, a false god, who they contrived and created in their own wayward minds, that she was “the god over money (mammon).”

They were claiming, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians.” Not only that, but all knew and claimed her domination was the reason they made money from their business of making silver shrines and other images, which made them great wealth!

If they made great wealth from deceiving people into thinking that serving this false god was profitable to them, they didn’t want anything or anyone to stop them. You cannot serve two masters, God and mammon.

They were seeking money and power. Their paycheck came from the adversary and achieved it by this false notion of Diana and the temple of Diana were the cause and reason of making great wealth and having power. The truth is they were instigators and wanted to get rid of Paul and the true God.

Even today, ask yourself, “Am I deceived by joining large institutions where I gain recognition and you can say, ‘I’m a member of this’ or ‘I’m a member of that group.’” If you are, you’re deceived for their real motive is to maintain power and get wealth. You are not really important, but only their greed.

And what are they really worshipping? What is their true goal? These are probing questions. The scriptures say, “Come out from among them.” And just who or what are you worshipping and what is your true motive. I can tell you from personal experience, you are a “real Christian,” when you allow the Lord to show you “the way” to get wealth “on the way“ and in His way.”

A primary step is, “Listen to what He is telling you.” Spend time with Him to hear His voice and His direction. You must have faith that He will lead you in the right path. Trust Him.

“This is the way. Your own ears will hear when you turn to the left or to the right.” (Isaiah 30:21) Make time for Him. Get to know Him.

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