“Age ain’t nothing but a number,” according to 62-year-old Ceola Webb. A Los Angeles native raised in Compton, the novice athlete recently took first place in her age category in the Muscle Contest Challenge.   

 The event was staged at the Fitness Expo recently held at the Anaheim Convention Center.  The crowd went wild when Webb showed off her chocolate glittering muscles.   

Ceola Webb won 1st place in the Muscle Contest Challenge in Anaheim. (Courtesy photo)

 This beauty, whose smile lights up a room, once weighed 215 pounds. Webb went on a weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey that would take her to places that she never imagined and   competing in what she considers “muscle figure challenges.” In 2019, Webb placed third in the Muscle Classic in Culver City at the age of 58.  

 “There is a lot involved in preparing for competition,” Webb says.  “The contestants must be tanned, do their make-up, hair sometimes, even design their own outfits.”  Diet is very important adds Webb, who eats a lot of vegetables and sometimes fish.   

 Also, contenders must spend hours in the gym. Webb had a trainer at one point and then went on to train herself. In addition, participates have to learn how to pose and have stage presence. 

 “I injured my back and became unhealthy, weighting in at 215 or more in 2012. I was following a vegetarian diet, but not really following it the way I should,” recalls Webb.  

Webb and her trainer, Rene Spicer. (Courtesy photo)

 “I did not have a clean diet. I ate what I wanted to eat.  I was motivated by my daughter who is a vegetarian. I saw how healthy she was and how good she looked. My daughter told me, ‘Mom, you’re not going to just sit there on the sofa,’” Webb explained.    

 “My goal is to stay in wellness and fitness at my age.  When I first went to the gym, I didn’t want anyone to know my age, but my trainer told me you should share your age because people will be inspired.”  

 Webb, who has been a licensed vocational nurse since 2005, holds many other titles – mother, grandmother, and CEO of a clothing line. Webb is also in a joint venture with her former trainer, Rene Spicer, called WALKACIZE, a product that was started in 2022.  


The WALKACIZE Vest is equipped with resistant bands designed for walking. The vest is used for rehabilitation of those who can’t get out of the house or wheelchair bound persons or elderly people who need range of motion stretching.  If interested in the vest, contact Webb on Instagram @WALKACIZE. 

 Among Webb’s many ventures is a fitness clothing line she started with her daughter called stallionapparels.com, and a clothing business that can be found on Twitter @Ceola Webb 9-ruggedfittedjeans.   

Webb relaxes after winning the contest. (Courtesy photo)

 The latter is a clothing line of jeans redesigned by Webb.  They make gifts for rugby fans, Webb added. There are redesigned jeans, jean jackets, and even earrings. “As far as designing I’m just getting started,” she said.  

 Webb’s passion for helping others includes Webb’s classes for ages 40, 50, 60 and 70 to keep moving, which are available on Facebook. However, Webb urges potential participants to consult their physician before doing workout.   

 As for the future, she says, “I will continue to do dance fit train and my goal is to do four more years competing in my age range in figure competition. It’s never too late to get on your best wellness and fitness journey.”