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Francisca Francois, the CEO and founder of Aeva Beauty — a Haitian-American cosmetologist and beauty enthusiast — stepped to the plate with a determination and style that should be admired.  

From the start, Francois was on a mission to create diversity and quality items one beauty product at a time. She understood that the beauty industry had a significant gap when it came to inclusiveness for all and product ranges to suit all hues.  

Aeva  ™ is the original creator of the multi-purpose highlighters that (like all of their products) are cruelty-free, vegan, and designed for multi-purpose use.  

Here is what Francisca Francois had to share about creating a space in the trillion-dollar beauty industry. 


L.A. Sentinel: Ms. Francois, I am in love with your highlighters! Can you describe your brand? 

Francisca Francois: Thank you for the compliment. Aeva Beauty is a Black-owned makeup brand on a mission to create diversity one beauty product at a time.   

LAS: Facts. What makes your products special and how did you start this brand? 

FF:  We are known for our multi-purpose range of products, especially our highlighters, being the creators of the multi-purpose highlighters. We are a brand that truly suits a diverse range of complexions, from the fairest to the deepest skin tones.   

LAS: Skin tones are where most White makeup brands fail, miserably. Talk about price? 

FF: Our community gravitates to us because of our amazing quality, but also affordable products that include clean ingredients, which cater to all skin types and truly melanin and deep complexions, which are often underrepresented.  


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LAS: I agree. In trying your products, your brand definitely understands truly melanin and deep complexions, which is exciting. Why do you think you got this right? 

FF: As a Black Haitian founder, this is something I’ve experienced firsthand. From being in the beauty industry for over 10 years, I faced many challenges, not just being a woman of color, but a woman of color with a deeper complexion and sensitive skin. While working behind several makeup counters and with multiple clients, I constantly faced challenges such as never finding products on shelves that catered to my deeper complexion, products that would irritate my skin and cause breakouts, limited product ranges for Black women, especially those with a deeper complexion like myself, and a lack of inclusiveness in the beauty industry.   

LAS: You’re inspired. It’s obvious from the quality of the products. You were determined to step into the gap.  

FF: This fueled me to create my first ever product, Golden Hour back in 2017, a highlighter that perfectly matched the hue of my deeper complexion after solving my own problem, I extended the range to suit all complexions, to then launched Aeva Beauty, a beauty brand on a mission to fill the gap of the lack of representation and product ranges in the beauty industry.  

LAS: What did you learn during the process that helped you develop your business? 

FF: I’ve learned a lot through my journey of being a business owner, but one thing I’ve learned even before launching my business as a consumer myself is people want to be heard. Where there are so many makeup brands, it’s crazy there’s still a lack of product ranges and inclusiveness for people who look like me, where this was I problem I constantly struggled with, I also listen to my community whenever launching any new products and put them in mind always. It’s really important for me to be a makeup brand that’s solution-based rather than just another makeup brand.  

LAS: What’s next for Aeva? 

FF: Currently, we are working to continue expanding our mission as a brand and building our A-Team, which aligns with our mission to help us grow. As there are still so many people out there that struggle with finding brands that align with their values, so we are currently tapping into different marketing strategies, doing pitch competitions, and more pop-ups/events to have first-hand experience with our community alongside setting ourselves to get into some major beauty retailers down the line. Right now, expanding our community and team is our main priority, and building more capital and funding to do so, as we are still an indie brand.   

LAS: What are your best sellers? 

FF: That’s a great question. Our current top five best selling products are FE LNR Eyeliner Pen, Golden Hour – Multi-Purpose Highlighter, Champagne Mami – Multi Purpose Highlighter, Pink Persuasion - Multi Purpose Highlighter, Sincere - Multi Purpose Highlighter, Cashmere - Multi Purpose Highlighter, Sunkissed Multi Purpose Highlighter, and Mocha – Your Lips But Better Gloss.  


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