Genesis Campos (Center) graduating student is proud to receive her Outdoor Products backpack and certificate from Lifeline Education Charter School’s Summer Bridge Program is flanked by Mollie “Ms. Compton” Bell (L) and Samara Cadogan (R), Behavior Specialist Mental Health Coordinator. (Photo by Maury Phillips)

A day of celebration as Lifeline Education Charter School presented its Summer Bridge Program Graduation and Outdoor Products Backpack Giveaway recently in Compton, CA.


The Lifeline Charter School (LESC) Summer Bridge Program presented graduates with Outdoor Products’ versatile, top quality, multipurpose backpacks filled with social and emotional items, such as a stress ball, colored pencil, scissors, an emotional bracelet and journal.


Mrs. Paula DeGroat, executive director of LESC said, “This graduation is great, as the students learn and understand the process of how to get to the next level of education, and bonded with the staff.”


The LECS Summer Bridge Program is a free, three-week program is designed to introduce 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to their new environment and expectations of the program and prepares them for academic and emotional success for the fall.

The class of 2021 at LECS Summer Bridge Program Graduation (Photo by Maury Phillips)

Mollie Bell, aka, “Ms. Compton” was at the Summer Bridge Program Graduation said, “I’m always looking for a lifeline and this school is a bridge between Black and Brown students of K-12 graders and their families.”


LECS has four campuses for grades K-12. It offers physical and emotional support to students in a safe environment which gives them the freedom and comfort to thrive. It is not just a school, but a close-knit community of students, parents and faculty providing vital support to the city it calls home, offering a warm, friendly nurturing environment for all who enter its doors.


The school extended its community outreach even more during the pandemic by providing students and community residents with food giveaways, including turkey dinners during the holiday season. Dedicated staff did home visits and attendance checks on students to ensure there were no gaps in the learning process. Students were provided the necessary educational tools to sustain the academic excellence of young minds, including hotspots to access the internet for virtual learning, and counseling sessions via zoom for emotional support.


Since opening its doors in 2002, LECS boasts a 95% graduation rate. Its students continue to make an impact on the world. The school’s long list of success stories includes student graduates attending of University of Pennsylvania, Penn State, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Ross University School of Medicine and a student currently pursuing a PhD in Pathobiology, University of Illinois.


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