Multi-faceted artist, Oliver Lastname, Founder of People Who Love People (Courtesy of Oliver Lastname)

Multi-faceted artist Oliver Lastname transforms communication through various mediums. Oliver created “For People who Love People,” allowing different point of views to be honored and compensated; emphasizing the need for a movement that represents the value of one’s perspective.

Through his music, books, film and verbal interactions, Oliver bridges a dialogue among local communities, causing a feeling of unity.

According to the official website, “For People Who Love People is a company designed to create vulnerable and interactive spaces for Black People to grow together.” Reflecting on the significance of this mission, Oliver said, “I founded For People Who Love People as a way to create safe spaces, products and services for Black people to grow together—because I see a future where therapy and growth become social.”


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(Courtesy of Oliver Lastname)

He has seen the impact of this form of communication in action; For People who Love People proposes a general question to locals from the designated community and creates a published journal out of the collective responses.

Oliver stated, “A friend of mine from Indianapolis answered one of the questions in the book, ‘What is something you’re currently putting off for yourself and why?’ Her response was ‘going back to college.’ Answering a question like that, you’re forced to look within and acknowledge the truth about yourself. And because she did, she’s now enrolled back in school, going for her degree and has the good grades to show it.”

For People Who Love People completed their first vision board party, they recently coordinated their CITY TALK event in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Jan. 29. They are accepting submissions for their New York book at Subsequently, For People Who Love People launched season two of their community journal on Feb. 1.

In addition to community projects, Oliver is passionate about music and film. His interest in music began to bloom in his teenage years. Oliver stated, “I started making music when I was 13 years old. I had just started cutting grass to earn money to buy video games —after two weeks and three yards — I finally had enough so I rushed to Toys ‘R’ Us around the corner, to buy the game I was saving up for. While in line, at checkout, I saw Magix Music Maker for PlayStation 2 in a discount bin for $20, so I had to make a decision,” he continued, “which one I wanted to buy — and I chose Magix. At that point, I considered and conducted myself as a musician, who happened to fall in love with film along the way.”

(Courtesy of Oliver Lastname)

Oliver was born and raised in Naptown; an area found in Indianapolis. He graduated from Arlington High School. The unity in people resonates with Oliver, he stated, “Community has always been important to me because I’ve always understood that without it, you don’t have an idea and without an idea you won’t have growth. I always say, ‘If I feel this way, I know someone else does,’ and I allow that to guide me to find the solution to the problem, together.”

For People Who Love People changed Oliver’s level of communication, the multi-hyphenated DJ stated, “For the longest time, I’ve found myself hiding behind my work, allowing that to speak for me more that I’ve spoken for myself. Founding this company has given me purpose— to serve and to help others that look like me and in order to help, that requires a great deal of communication, so it’s gotten me out of my comfort zone and into my confronting zone.” Oliver was inspired to start this organization to fuel the engine of community and wanted to give a sense of togetherness to anyone that may be feeling like they are on their journey alone.

To participate and support, one can subscribe to the newsletter at They are currently accepting responses for their New York book and Pre-Orders for the second edition of L.A. Vol. 1 book.  Oliver encourages to love  yourself, and the people around you.

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