There’s been much dialogue about making America great (again). As an American, I do believe that America is the best country in the world. I remember when I moved to Los Angeles to go to college I was attending a church where the pastor, Dr. E.V. Hill, used to say every time he would travel abroad and then return back home he would kiss the ground. With that said, America still has a lot of work to do to make it great for all of its citizens no matter what their differences, but it’s up to each and every one of us to play our part.

Recently we’ve been experiencing both the Democrat and Republican Conventions. Their role has changed over the years, but for the most part they are to show unity within the respective party and to publicly rally around their chosen candidate. The convention is also a time where the presidential candidate announces his or her running mate for vice president and the general public has an opportunity to learn more about each of them. Leaders, as well as family members, from each of the parties share information that will help us feel endeared to the candidates. Overall, the conventions are a time to boost the morale of the parties. However, no matter who wins the presidency in November, America will never be great without a coming together of all its people.

On the heels of this election there are so many issues on the table around equality and the value of human life. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock is aware of the Black Lives Matter campaign and now Blue Lives Matter around the lives of police officers. I am a believer that all lives matter and that everyone was created by God for a purpose, but I am understanding more and more the importance of pointing a spotlight on the issue of all the black people that are being shot and killed by police officers without the problem being rectified. I just returned from a business trip in Florida and while I was there a black man who was trying to help a white man with autism who wandered out of the facility into the street was shot by a white police officer even after he laid on the ground with his hands up in the air. When the black man asked the white officer why he shot him his initial response was, “I don’t know.” This just can’t be acceptable.

The Republican National Convention’s (RNC) rhetoric has been all about making America great again. When the RNC ended a cable talk show crew went around and interviewed individuals asking them to recount if we are trying to make America great again when was it great? The responses came from individuals who were not black and ironically the times they thought America was great just happened to be when America was practicing either slavery or segregation. When this was brought to their attention their response was, oh yea that was just a hick up. Really, a hick up!

Talk show host Trevor Noah, who came to America from South Africa, stated that he came from a third world country and it looks like we are headed to (be) one. The actions we see on a regular basis through social media and television on how black people are being treated and killed, as well as the way police are being targeted is going to push us into civil unrest and possibly another civil war. If we don’t learn how to live side by side and respect the differences of each other we are going to be the demise of our own country. We won’t have to worry about foreign terrorist or outsiders destroying us because we will do it to ourselves. So no matter who becomes the next president, it is going to be incumbent upon all of us to do our part in bringing peace and harmony to really make America great.

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