George and Felecia rest in the chairs they created for the worldclass Sofi Stadium. (Courtesy photo)

George and Felecia Fisher-Shamu, the African American married duo behind Vitality Furniture, are impacting the luxury brand hotel industry with their elegant and bespoke furniture creations. Their stunning designs have also been contracted for custom interiors by Hollywood and elite sports venues.

Although they may not be household names, their exceptional craftsmanship has been enjoyed by many locally and internationally, creating a reputation that precedes them. With a 20-year marriage, George and Felecia of Vitality Furniture are not just partners in life but also in business, making them a creative business force to be reckoned with which is why they are a true “power couple.”

The cornerstone of Vitality’s work is manufacturing furniture for brand hotels, restaurants and custom interiors as well as providing high-quality event rentals to discerning clients.

Consequently, the Los Angeles-based couple has a distinguished client list. Their manufacturing clients include the world-class Sofi Stadium, the Westin Bonaventure Hotel lobby, the Fairmount Century Plaza, actresses Kim Whitley and Vanessa Bell Calloway and such Hollywood Royalty as the late Norman Lear and Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat Productions Hollywood office under contract with the Atlanta-based firm Studio Seven Design Group.

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In fact, the couple’s business has been on a steady trajectory, garnering contracts to work with the L.A. Clippers Intuit Dome, JW Marriot in Chicago, and the Four Seasons Resort in Anguilla.

Also, Vitality Furniture played a big role in Super Bowl LVI in 2022 when they were commissioned to design a victory party for the Rams in under 48 hours for hundreds of people.

“We have been selected as members of the Business Connect, the NFL supplier organization, which is instrumental in getting our company involved in sports and entertainment contracts and more,” said George.

Respected among tastemakers, the couple has created a unique niche providing rentals for A-list red carpet events such as the NAACP Images Awards, the Daytime Emmy® Awards, and, most notably, George Lopez Annual Golf Tournament and Manila Film Festival at the Directors Guild of America.

Having clients from different industries has sharpened their competitive edge and strengthened the couple’s bond since they rely on each other to deliver exceptional results.  They have learned to validate each other’s values and ideas while working towards common goals, which strengthens their trust.

“It’s important for couples who work together to have the same goals and energy and drive,” said Felecia.

“It’s also very important to compliment and complement each other and to be each other’s cheerleaders.”

Those words landed quickly on George.

“Felecia is more of a visionary, and I work behind the  scenes to help bring order, balance and structure. But overall, our success has a lot to do with our goals and how much we enjoy creating beautiful furniture and events,” added George.

Felecia also highlighted the importance of having entrepreneurial women and older “power couples” who have a loving marriage to mentor and support you in your journey.