Grammy Award Winner Victoria Boyd to Perform her latest album, “Glory Hour,” at Crypto Arena on Nov. 10. (Courtesy photo)

Grammy® winner Victory Boyd is spiritual fire and someone you want to hear. A beautiful soul inside and out, Victory is a multi-talented, “honeyed” sound Roc Nation artist, songwriter, and performer who will perform tomorrow, Nov. 10, at the Crypto Arena.

You have probably heard this incredible vocalist. She recently performed “Just Like Heaven” from her sophomore album “Glory Hour” on the Today Show, and Victory is the wonderful lyricist on two songs from Grammy® winner Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), “Jesus is King” album singing on “Closed On Sunday” and “God Is.” Victory won her first Grammy®  for her work on Ye’s 2019 and ninth studio album, “Jesus is King.”

Ye has called Victory “the future of music.” And Victory is grateful for the fruits of her labor and for working with Grammy® winner Jay-Z.

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“Jay’s model is really one of artistic freedom, and he’s not afraid to take chances because of his experience,” Boyd said.

Victory’s sound is soothing, unabashedly filled with her love for God, with many describing it as a healing balm straight from heaven. Her sound is compared to artists Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone, comparisons she doesn’t mind. Victory’s vocals and delivery are elevating and inspirational, just as she intended.

“I decided to create “Glory Hour” as a tool to help people in seasons of darkness to wait for the appointed time when Glory will devour darkness and to have this hope that you know this is not the end of the story, and so this too shall pass, and the Glory of the sun will indeed come,” said Boyd.

Victory Boyd is no flash in the pan or overnight sensation; she willingly and lovingly shares her story of hard work and patience. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Victory’s musical journey began at the tender age of four with the Detroit Kids Choir, founded by her parents. A close-knit and praying family, Victory would sing with her talented siblings every day, performing under the name Infinity’s Song.

Victoria Boyd, a Roc Nation artist signed by Jay-Z after she was seen performing in Central Park with her family. (Courtesy photo)

Her family would eventually relocate to New York City, where Central Park became her family’s performance stage. Ten years passed before Jay-Z would see a video of her singing in the park and asked to meet her. Remembering that moment of destiny, Victory said she was “shocked” because “we were meeting with some of the most famous people in the world after singing in the park the day before.”

“I remember singing the Weatherman for Jay and his office. It felt like a moment of destiny. That was one moment where all those years of performing in the park really helped with being signed with Roc Nation,” Victory said.

When asked to describe her latest solo album, the 18-track “Glory Hour,” Victory describes her work as a “collection of songs that seek to uplift the soul in dark times.” It is no secret that Victory loves God, and her faith inspires every song she sings. “Glory Hour” is her first gospel album.

The tracks “Just Like In Heaven” and “El Shaddai” have garnered over a million views. Victory shares her beautiful rendition of one of her favorite songs, “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.” She plays multiple instruments on the album, piano, and acoustic guitar. When asked what she hopes the listener will feel when listening to her album, Victory pauses and says she hopes they will hear how “God carried her through every test and trial and will do the same for them.” In her song, “Glory to God,” I love the last line she wrote in the piece, “If it’s the last thing I do, let it be said I worshipped You.”

Here is a listing of the tracks contained on “Glory Hour”:


El Shaddai

Just Like In Heaven

I. Glory Hour

I Don’t Have To Pretend

His Eye Is On The Sparrow



I know It Was The Blood

II. Glory Hour

One Thing

David’s Brother


The Secret Place

III. Glory Hour