Thrive Gardening Academy – Food and Faith course contains 46 online training videos. (Courtesy photo)

Food prices in the U.S are soaring!  Higher costs, shipping fees and wages have pushed the food inflation rate to over 7% – the highest food inflation since July 1981. The average American family will pay an extra $1000 for food in 2022!

With surging food inflation, visible shortages in supply chains due to the pandemic, and global instability, more and more Americans are turning to gardening and growing their food.  This is also a way to identify and co-labor with people in the majority world who are most at risk around food security.

There is no better way to lessen the cost of food inflation, be active around food security, and care for God’s creation. Thrive for Good is on a mission to teach the world to grow nutrition and wants to support new growers by offering free access to their new online Gardening Academy – Food and Faith:   Thrive for Good is a trailblazing Christian not-for-profit that empowers people around the world with the training and simple tools they need to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods for life, sustainably.

The Thrive Gardening Academy – Food and Faith course contains 46 online training videos (5-7 minutes each) taught by certified organic gardener Phil Nauta. Learners will discover everything needed to kickstart a bountiful garden with God, the ultimate Gardener, as the perfect example. Thrive has also developed Biblical content as focus lessons between the videos.

From soil preparation and layout, choosing and planting seeds, and harvesting fresh vegetables and herbs, the time to grow is now! Plus, using Biblical principles, Thrive even teaches you how to cook what you grow to prevent disease and live a longer, healthier life.

Practical and financial motivations aside, Thrive for Good will also provide some theological soil to grow some food for thought and food for the soul. Since God created the world at the beginning of time, He set the laws of nature in motion. We know that soil is life and food is medicine. Growing organic, nutrient-rich food helps people stay healthier longer and regenerates our environment. In these courses, learners go deeper into discovering how to not only grow their own food but understand the theology behind it.

“Now Yahweh God planted a garden in the East.” – Genesis 2:8

Professionally produced and expertly taught, this comprehensive course is on par with the top online courses available anywhere.
“You are doing a great service… very helpful information indeed, exactly what I need. It’s all about taking care of the health of our planet and everything on it, including us!” Kerry, Kansas, IL

“I like the fact that your videos are short, and I can watch one whenever I have a few minutes. The possibility of having access to such a quality course as I am in a remote area is just the best! Keep up the good work!” Caroline, Fort Simpson, NT

Thrive has a rich history and extensive experience, training over 100,000 people since 2010. You can support Thrive in spreading a naturally contagious model for growing health organically by taking this course and sharing it with friends and family.

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