Tymeka Coney

Lemo Coney, co-director/co-producer/actor

A wide range of topics are highlighted in ‘The Truth Musical Stage Play,’ a new production by spoken word artist, Tymeka Coney of Meek Entertainment and PR.

In fact, attendees will be both entertained and educated as the play examines the effects of breast cancer, homelessness, domestic violence and mental health on the African American community.

While the show tackles serious issues, Coney shared, “This is really a story about love and forgiveness in relationships. It sends a message to how important it is to know the truth in all of our relationships, whether they are in business, friendship, marriage, etc.  It is derived from John 8:32, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’” 

The show takes place on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10, at 7 p.m., at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, 4800 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

“In celebration of Mother’s Day, we will have a pre-show with a Spoken Word and Dance tribute to mothers. Also, Tony Smith of Vonte’ Products, one of our sponsors, will be giving a gift basket valued at $100 to the first 10 mothers at the door,” she said.

The topics addressed in ‘The Truth’ will enlighten both believers and nonbelievers, noted Coney.  “A lot of nonbelievers may never go to a church, but they will go to a theater to see a stage play and as a result, they can walk away with a word and a message that can uplift and change their life forever as if they had went to church. Believers will benefit because there are scenes that will remind them of their relationship with God.

“Anyone can experience breast cancer, homelessness, domestic violence, and mental illness, and/or STD/HIV as they have no race, religion or creed attached, but they are common to all mankind,” explained Coney.

“Also, all mankind can relate to love, betrayal and forgiveness and the importance of telling the truth in relationships. Ephesians 4:15 tells us to, ‘Speak the truth in love.’ 

“Ultimately, this play will take you on a journey and you will leave inspired to love and forgive and receive a positive message through entertainment.”

For information on tickets, vendor space or souvenir journal ads, call (323) 801-6335 or visit thetruth-online.com.