Rocsii Frank (Courtesy photo)

The Source LA has been working tirelessly to decrease Los Angeles’ unemployment rates by providing quality job leads as well as helping local business owners improve through connections and like-minded success.

Led and curated by entrepreneur Rocsii Frank for the last 10 years, she has created platforms for new job seekers, returning workforce individuals, and volunteer opportunities for the community.

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She also offers mental health resources with workshops on how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  If you need to figure out the next steps in your business, Rocsii has your back. The L.A. Sentinel sat down with Rocsii to discuss the future of women in business.

Rocsii speaking at a business luncheon. (Courtesy photo)

March is Women’s History Month. What can you share about your experience as a woman in business and your perspective on other women in business?

Well, let’s start at the beginning. Before I went out on my own, I started off in corporate America working for a group of men, which means I learned everything about business from men, but that was the reality I lived in at the time. They reminded me of that movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” where the men were aggressive, but smart.

But afterwhile, an opportunity opened up for me to work under a new leader, who happened to be a Black woman. Now under her wing, I began to compare the knowledge I gathered from the men to what I was learning from and through her. She worked harder, she did the work of others and never complained about it.

From that moment, I saw the power of women in leadership but also the barrier that Black women especially have to go through to keep their positions. My perspective over the years has changed, but I live in a perfect situation where I have seen the corporate workplace fail our women but I’m living through the change of it all.

Yes, I think we’ve seen the change in the workplace most recently. With all that is to come, what is your mission for young women today?

Continuing to provide resources that I didn’t have from people that look like me. Workshops, consultations, and one-on-ones. I just want it to be easier than I had it. If I had a mentor at a young age, things might have been different for my experience.

Roscii and her son. (Courtesy photo)

And you talk about not only your success but your shortcomings. You talk about how you went through homelessness before getting here today. What motivated you to pick yourself back up?

My son. When God brought me this little human that I now have to take care of, it pushed me. I didn’t want my past situation to dictate what his life could be. I wanted more for him, for the both of us. But I think everything we went through changed him for the better.

He saw me at my lowest and now my successes. He’s seen the work from the ground up; going from wanting to drop out of school to applying himself immensely. It’s even changed his dynamic with women, he’s never threatened, and he appreciates the value of women so much more.

Who are the women you look up to for inspiration?

I mentioned Natalie earlier, but I want to say again that I really commend her for the teachings of customer service and people politics. It helped shape me professionally, so I always give credit where credit is due.

Second, would be Kenasha Paul of Black Professionals Network. She really put me up on game about professional networking which is how I became a part of her chapter here in Los Angeles. These two women have helped me become a better business owner and entrepreneur and I’m paying it forward with my services and goals as well.

And what’s next for The Source LA?

I am hosting a Nourish Your Soul Brunch series at Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills on Saturday, March 30. Besides business, I also value mental health and this series gives a platform of community to discuss work-life balance and how taking a break isn’t a bad thing. You can pre-register at to attend and I hope to see your readers there!