Rohana “Robi” Khalfani serving at a private event. (Courtesy photo)

Rohana Khalfani of The QMVC (Queen Muva Vibe Czar) Experience helps us connect with one another through good drinks and conversation. The Queen Muva Vibe Czar Experience is an mobile / pop up offering that entails a carefully assembled event of luxurious and elevated cocktails. Currently available via Instagram, Khalfani can curate an unforgettable presentation for professional brands or leisure at home experiences.

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To better reveal, the L.A. Sentinel sat down with Rohana, who likes to be called Robi, and talked about it all.

So, Robi, tell me how did you get interested in cocktail making?

Before I was able to drink alcohol, food was my first domain. It started with flavors. I experienced them in a curious way. My generation grew up on fun but sometimes concerning experimental foods like purple ketchup and squeezable peanut butter and jelly. The fact that those products existed just made me want to be a mad scientist of sorts. And as I got older, it excited me to think of how that works with drinks. I started down my path of learning through others and that led me to start QMVC eventually.

So, you started working under people. What prompted you to move your position from working for others to working for yourself?

Everyone has their own vision and I love to help others find theirs. But I wasn’t being poured back by my previous superiors and teachers. Cocktails are the business but what drives that are the people. It is our duty to make an environment they can find their tribe with. As I began to discover myself as a mixologist, my mission became more about finding community and curating around that, without being egotistical and money driven.

Khalfani’s signature espresso martini is very popular. (Courtesy photo)

What is the most valuable lesson you learned about owning a business thus far?

Failure is what creates success. My first event ever was a lot and really hard to not have a whole team to support. But it didn’t keep me down. I allowed it to teach me what I don’t want to happen and remind myself to stay malleable to the process. So, anyone starting up a business, prepare and plan then adjust as needed.

Who inspires you when you’re crafting your elixirs?

Not really who, but what inspires me is the past. I reach back to sensory moments like aromas that take you on an out of body experience.

For the who that would be Tiffanie Barriere from Drink Masters. Met her before [and she is] a total sweetheart. She is literally a down to earth black woman who shows great hospitality through her work. She is me basically, I see myself in her. And that inspires me to be the most authentic version of myself as a cocktail maker and business owner.

Has anything become a signature for you to make?

Espresso martini is worth mentioning. It has ruined people’s experiences at other places that can’t make this quite like I can. So, I boast myself on that drink because the people speak up about it the most. And of course, anything with Caribbean flavors to bring it home for me. Everything is connected and intentional to my life.

What’s next for Q?

I’m in the process of becoming a vendor for Black on The Black on April 21, so look out for that. I will also start hosting more cocktail classes in July that will include take home mixers and souvenir bottles.

Where can we find you and your services?

Currently, I’m just on Instagram (@theqmvc) and once you reach out to me, I can send personalized packages for my services.