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A pivotal scripture resounding throughout the Old and New Testament scriptures is this one: “Abraham believed (to confirm) an “Amen” to God’s promise..” and He gave Abraham credit on his heavenly account weighing it in the balance for righteousness.

[Genesis 15:6)] Abraham believed what he heard from Adonai Yahweh [Master, Lord]. I have a question for you and for me too. Do you know the voice of the Lord when it resounds in your mind? He says my sheep hear my voice and know my voice and will not follow the voice of a stranger [an impostor]. Are you listening carefully for what the Lord is whispering? It’s sometimes a whisper. It’s an instant when your mind changes from one subject to another instantaneously and He may intervene to keep you from detrimental decision making. It’s sometimes very quick and you know there is something you possibly should do or not do; but the quickness of the thought process moves you to change your mind “quickly!” What is being said? It means working on and developing stable mindedness. That’s why we need to spend time with the Lord. Some might say, “I read my Bible five minutes every morning. That’s good; but what do you think you will gain from a five minute session with “the divine Lord?” You need mental prep time too. Make a standing appointment with the Lord seven days a week. Then He knows you’re coming and He’s waiting for you. He wants to meet with you and wants to know what you want and need. “You can gain a status report.” Yes, He knows already; but He wants us to come to him. He is our Father and has everything we want and need. We can ask. Let’s get back to the “promise.” The “promise” is predicated on “faith.” That is what this is all about. I have heard it said, “just pray one time for anything and you’ve got it.” Maybe that’s so, but sometimes, you want to solace yourself and your humanness and you keep on asking Him,[like the importunate widow who kept on asking] maybe in another way. You make supplications, entreating Him [possibly like other Bible characters] yearning for what is your request from Him. He believed by faith what he heard. Patience is a critical element in “faith.” You might be promised something by the Lord and you, in your finite understanding think you should get it, “right now!” It doesn’t always work that way. It might be days, weeks, months or years before you see the evidence of your faith. But, the Lord might give you encouraging messages along the way. Here is a great statement you might want to remember or write it: “Faith must be evidenced by its inevitable display of fruit.” [Hebrew-Greek Study Bible] That’s right. If you have faith it has got to show productivity. Your faith must bear fruit. You say you have faith, but what do you have to show for it? It’s not you solving all the problems through fleshly means. There must be divine intervention which shows forth that your faith has produced something showing that it had to be God who did it or otherwise there is no other explanation for how it happened! The Lord works in the supernatural realm and he works through righteous minds too. Ref [Ryrie Study bible; Hebrew-Greek Bible]

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