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Guap Coin Logo (Courtesy Photo)


Guap Foundation today announced the launch of a campaign to raise funds to invest in underserved minority communities around the country.


The foundation, created in 2019, sets out to educate underserved communities on the use of cryptocurrency. Support for the foundation can be made via the “Empower Us” IndieGogo campaign.


“We believe that cryptocurrency is best learned in practice, rather than from the sidelines – just like any other form of wealth-building,” said AJ, foundation director. “We want our communities to understand how cryptocurrency can be applied to our new economy.”


The Guap Foundation’s mission is to impact the Black community utilizing this blockchain for good. A recent study of the global  Cryptocurrency Market shows that it is projected to have a 30% compound annual growth reaching $5.19 million by 2026, up from $792.5 million in 2019.


Guapcoin is the nation’s first publicly traded, decentralized cryptocurrency that addresses the economic and financial concerns of the Global African Diaspora community. The fund will assist the foundation in several ways, including:

  • Helping it to enhance and upgrade the Guapcoin blockchain;
  • Strengthening Guapcoin infrastructure to enable efficient development, testing and deployment of new features and fixes;
  • Enabling an on chain treasury fund and project proposal function;
  • Enabling on chain voting for Guapcoin Governors (to vote on the overall direction of Guapcoin and the use of treasury funds for proposed projects);
  • Developing Guapcoin software and hardware updates (such as hardware wallets, masternode services, crypto debit cards and point of sale devices).


“Ultimately to make it easier for you to get and use GUAP in your community/globally!” said Jason Lamb, foundation interim managing director. “Digital currency is the future and adopting Guapcoin into our lives now is a chance to create wealth, maintain it, and invest in ourselves and our societies.”

The foundation offers a variety of programming that include:

  • Free cryptocurrency training;
  • Increasing the accessibility andre-circulation of currency within black and brown communities and demonstrate via data collectionanalysis and visualization;
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship by providing business grants;
  • Developing Guap community sponsored free training (occupational, cryptocurrency, and financial literacy) via Guap Academy; and,
  • Partnering with HBCU’s for blockchain advancement, and provide supportive grants.


For more information, email the Guap Foundation at [email protected]