Jeanette Grattan Parker, Ph.D. 

What drives our great nation? Not all agree that the United States is a great nation. I believe we are a great nation and that we can improve ourselves. Nothing is perfect regardless of whatever it is. The utopia of perfection will only be realized when we are on “Planet On” a daily basis we see so many negative things. But, we also see people are living and loving life in spite of the “not so lovely things.”

One of the great things about our nation is generosity of individuals, who donate yearly and more frequently to help others. We are known as a “giving nation.” Unfortunately, there are astounding problems which plague our population of all status, whoever they may be. Most recently in the news, there are volumes of publicity about immigration. That’s part of the bloodstream flow. Some people advocate open borders. Others do not. Suppose you have a household of four. Your income requires you use it for your own family needs. Then suppose you have twelve people knocking down your door demanding you to feed them, house them, give them free medical care, insurance and education. You give everything for free. What do you do? That’s the question which confronts the U.S. now. The process of how to handle the people who want to enter the United States effects the bloodstream of the nation. This is a huge subject! Yes. We love the people. Seems to me the system is whacked. The bloodstream has clots. I’m convinced if our elected officials would cooperate together, the problem could begin to be solved. If our elected officials would consider the bigger picture and reconfigure the immigration system process. Big problems require more intricate solutions. Okay, on to other bloodstream problems.

Greed also runs our U.S. bloodstream. Patterns of luxury become addictive. We need to get a grip on wealth; which there’s nothing wrong with wealth except when it goes to your head and get “fat” and don’t think of others. For some it warps the thinking, lifestyle and how relates to others importance. Another bloodstream problem is cancer. Do you think it’s a plague? Then we have some young people getting nicotine poisoning and vaping with flavors. I often wondered how is it flavored vaping got advertised on television??

Did you notice that? How did they sneak in and, of course, alcohol is being pushed with flavors too! Drugs are also problematic and in the nation’s bloodstream. Marijuana for all. Get’em all drunk and senseless, unable to handle their business or every day life. Who’s accountability? Don’t forget drugs flowing in and out of shipyards & airplanes. Is it Commercial Babylon? Huh? Violence is another bloodstream problem. Folks killing other folks and their own relatives too!

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