Victor Gordo

Choose Pragmatism and Optimism Over Cynicism

National politics is increasingly marked by negative messaging cynically intended to inflame rather than inform voters. It’s disturbing to see the same happening in our local mayoral race. Residents and city staff have been lamenting that they’ve never seen the degree of noxious politics, nor the massive outside spending thereupon, that we’re now seeing in a local campaign. While Mayor Terry Tornek has focused his campaign on pragmatism and optimism, outlining specific goals for the future, his opponent has unfortunately traded in cynicism. Victor Gordo has raised over three-quarters of a million dollars, 44% of which is from large PAC

Lacey Wins Big, Wesson And Ridley-Thomas Headed for Run-Off

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, despite controversy surrounding her campaign, overwhelmingly won reelection to her seat. Lacey said she wants to create more transparency in the office so that people will better understand what her job entails.