‘Holler, Child’ – Short Story Collection About Black Lives in America

LaToya Watkins has surpassed the high bar set by her beautifully crushing debut novel, “Perish,” with a collection of short stories titled “Holler, Child.” Heavily rooted in west Texas where the author grew up, the 11 fictional pieces focus on Black lives — and the huge range of people and relationships within — to form a profound collection.

The Impact of Hate-Motivated Behavior on African American Health

In the context of increased social unrest in recent years, addressing the impact of hate-motivated behavior on African American health is critical, physicians and community leaders shared at the 13th annual virtual Black Physicians Forum.

Healing Ourselves Communities and Country 

Those of us who believe a peaceful world is possible need to figure out how we can truly become “indivisible” as we vow in our pledge of allegiance. 

House of Representatives Passes George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

“For too long, we have endured the pain of watching or seeing the deaths of people of color, particularly Black men and women, at the hands of rogue police officers who operate with impunity and take it upon themselves to be the arbiters of life and death,” Congresswoman Maxine Waters declared. “The trauma that our communities feel is only made worse by the ways in which we are forced to reckon with the reality that Black people are over 3.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white people, and Black teenagers are 21 times more likely to be killed by police than white teenagers.”

Healing Our Heart, Mind and Body

Recently I received a call and was asked if I knew someone who wanted to join the team of some of the best and brightest people working on a research project in the area of HIV/AIDS. The project was entitled, “Healing Our Heart, Mind and Body”. It’s not too often to be presented with an opportunity to work with both friends and people you admire. So, when Dr. Gail Wyatt asked if I knew of a person, in particular a man, that wanted to work on this project with her and her team, I said “I’ve got just the right guy for you—ME!”